We wanted to start a magazine keeping the printed word alive, and made Goodie in its tiny, homemade/handmade form because we don't have the money to make a big fancy magazine. Our objective is to illuminate people, places or things with immeasurable worth. Goodie is a messenger of The Real McCoy. Whatever is real and rare, going extinct or exactly remembered, that's what we want to give in our Goodies.

Publisher - Foxy Kidd
Editor - Romy Ashby

In Print
Ira Cohen
Gregory Corso
Marty Matz
(and much more)

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Goodie, 197 7th Avenue #4C
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Ira Cohen is the embodiment of magic and wandering and a mad observer of all that goes on around us. A true New Yorker, first cousin to former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, born to deaf parents, he is the poet of poets. Poems from the Akashic Record is a marvelous collection of work spanning five decades, decorated with photographs by the author, of friends and family, most well-known. William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Jack Smith; a generation of great persons already gone on ahead, these were his friends and subjects. Many more are still here with us, the people who struggle to keep alive the fragile and panting bird that is art in all colors of feather. From Morocco to Paris to New York, these poems are windows onto a world slipping from us day by day as well as prophetic mirrors of the future.

-Panther Books