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(Sample poems below)


Sunday in the Storm Era / Joanne Kyger

"these are extraordinary times"
so we can do whatever we want ha ha

the sky darkens
     stitching the white pillow cover

     If I had my way I'd sit and watch
the grey and poundy waves all day . . .

     The candle lights for Cypress
must be down at the channel now
where the tide rushes out
from the lagoon and keeps on going out

way out . . . remember?
                                        now the evening sky
                               looks pretty clear
                       was a history
                     just happened

                                                         December 2, 2001



Transmission / Micah Ballard

Beneath the lethargic stars
my lady, she sleeps in her head

a torpid elegy of gone days
spread across an ivory landscape.

Down deep in her thoughts
consists a place so far removed

a face of grossly proportions
the voice of an ex-lover.

I let them speak alone. Leave
them to their litanies

myself to obtain a violence
they never intended to uncover.

How quickly she awakens! Way soon
to leave behind but slow enough

to explain-for all he ever was
comes to begin with this

what last was hers is now mine
and will be more but always less.


You Broke My Heart, Now I'm Gonna Break
Something of Yours / Noel Black

My hair is suckin today-
too much Tin Tin
& not enough James Dean . . .
I need to rewire my wings before I'm seen

Been thinking about ketchup & 50,000 batteries
& "Angie": a movie about 2 raccoons who fondle a log
while Herzog confuses Poetical with Political
to explain the ecstatic truth
as Dock Boggs plays "Sugar Baby"
beneath the rattling bone palm tree of a Kevin Opstedal poem

Don't get it?
I once lived in a languor-unlovely & lacking
Not a friend on earth to be found

But now I wear an astroturf star
to prove my heart unzips-
Inside you'll find a pink candy heart-
It says "U R A 10" . . .
I give it to you again & again