Roberto Valenza



A Carnival around the body
                     of a young buffalo,
 cameras snapping as the spirit screams
             in fright                   in pain
the best shots are when the body
   lays like rubber
    and the neck drips red
oh bread and butter
         next comes the sweet young goat
the door of the temple is burnt scarlet with blood
         Kali energy there for real

This young buck
                            in the face of that door
                            gets a screaming hard-on
   a pounding inside his hard cock is pounding
                            the potion
                               of adrenalin and kundalini
                              2 realms at once making love
                  give this goat supreme majestic energy
                and at that minute its throat is cut
          the blood splashing against the door frame
      a useless figure flopping on the concrete
steel hard knife cutting bone
primordial gallow with guillotine
a pain so cold
the head removed and laid on the doorstep
long seconds ago it was already accepted by the
                        union and the added power of death

My mala snaps in my hands
   beads bouncing into pieces of diamond
                                                    in the sunlight
                       my mantra screams onto
                       blood everywhere
                                  crunching of bone
                                    my own death fantastic!

The mouth of the goat
   showing teeth that smile
         out of puckered lips
   that kiss at the Yum
                    (lips of Kali)


Sir, I would like to buy a pilgrim's stick,
and being that I am not a tourist, I
cannot pay a tourist's price.
            So sir, this is the truth of my situation:
            If you can lower your price to a pilgrim's
            price, I may buy a stick that I will keep
            unto death or until that parting of the stick
             and my life.
I also must tell you that I would like a stick to be
one of my choice. Not one a tourist would place
above the fireplace or with the umbrellas.
            I need a sturdy stick, one that will help me
            pull myself up a hill and through a creak,
             one that will hold me up on the top
              or on the other side.
So sir, you see my position, and the position
With perhaps a little give and take, maybe we can
Make a trade?
            Some stick grown, picked and made.
Some money made and paid.
And in some far off time a tale to tell as the stick
            Is passed down.

NOVEMBER 7th Scorpion

I have a lot
      of fear of death
      fear of burning up the life
      in pursuit of the real
From a birth just before winter
      I find myself still happening
      but the life breath grasped
      has to shorten with each gasp
And i fear before
      the simple dynamo of energy
      is explored to its source
      i will have blundered too many time
      In the web of the status quo
Today I am in my environment
      moist mushroom rotting trees
      a waterfall yellow leaves
      an aura of pink
      to breathe in.

November late Oct. highly emotional
      just before everything dies
at my age
      I feel like November
      my friends feel like November
we like the color
but we want to die to it all
      and become eternal.