n a sunny day that fall, I was on Divisadero Street (oh, the exotic names!) where there still were bins on sidewalks in front of shops. Strolling two blocks from home, the (still to my eye) startling phenomenon of California oranges in sunlight arose from one of those bins. Abutting it, a bin of schmatas outside a yardgoods store with a tag end of blue taffeta, big as a diva's hanky dropped next the oranges. It caught my eye, till then, trapped in the orange bin. The two were made for each other. I had discovered Cadmium Orange! I bought both and never looked back, had fallen in love with light bouncing from objects. No matter how impermanent these things were, their beauty kept my mind from too much reflection on the problem that plagues our age. For awhile, they would hold my attention which would then shift to problems: Ideas, and how to paint them, and the nature of the materials I was using and how to make problems interesting enough to solve. A solitary apprenticeship.


Art as a Muscular Principle


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