Louise Landes Levi








                                                                     GHIRDHARA/ dawn.



                             O Rain/ O Rain,


                                                         Flowers, Fruit, Fern





                                          Whatever   Whatever   Whatever

                                                  I offer you Lord




     Paris 1977

Adapted from the love poems of MIRABAI, 1498-1550, No. India.
Ghirdhara, lit. 'who held the mountain', a reference to Krishna.


                                         FERNS/ the deer/ so 'slowly',
                         elegantly/ leaving traces



                                               man, touches
                                       you, takes you in his
                                  arms/ he says "don't fool yr.self,
                              yr. lying, in my arms"/&
                                       if, to annihilate, &
                                    who was/ the subject (of
                              the fantasy)/ was it you, was it
                        me/ & were we, those dancers on the


           the fragments, of, antiquity/ purity of the archtype /
  SPACE, the allegory, did you really hate/ the 'sons' of David?
                                  SIAMO UGUALI/ I once wrote
                                        on the walls of the S-
                                            Bahn, in Ottobrun

         Bagnore l995

Else Lasker-Schuler, German poet, 1876-1945. Fled Germany & from Zurich went to Jerusalem where she died, homeless &am p; alone. Collaborated with the painter Frans Marc but more than 3/4 of this work was destroyed by the Nazis. Living Theatre production of "Ich und Ich" ("I and I", transl. J. Malina) NYC,1992


                                      to be a yogini, I ate
                                             a poisonous


                                   cried the entire night.

      Bagnore l996




                                        the deserted
                                road to Merigar, sure
                           I'm somehow misguided, in
                   my timings, an encounter w. a stranger
                        who says, 'how nice to meet a poet


              suddenly, 'beyond mind', I see, the mountains, &
                         the wonderful panorama/ the space


           Arcidosso 1995