David Meltzer


Writing Jazz

Recommended reading on music is David Meltzer's Writing Jazz. "A companion to the critically acclaimed Reading Jazz, Writing Jazz is the first comprehensive historical anthology of writings on jazz by African-American musicians, critics, writers, ad poets. Arranged chronologically, with equal
attention paid to both criticism and lyrical art, this collection encompasses voices from the Spirituals and the Blues to Free Jazz and the Black Arts Movement. Editor David Meltzer adds his own breadth of knowledge on jazz to the brew with his 'Pre-text' introduction and afterthought 'Sub-text' sicussion. Challenging and no doubt controversial Writing Jazz, like its companion, is a valuable historical sourcebook and a provocative read."

Praise for David Meltzer's Reading Jazz:

"In Reading Jazz, Meltzer has produced an essential and important anthology--valuable as a reference work as well as being a significant slice of twentieth-century American social history." --San Francisco Examiner

"Meltzer's book is a disquieting critique, a healthy injection of self-analysis for jazz fans and critics alike."
--Down Beat

"A fascinating cross-section of writings pertaining to jazz that aficionados are sure to find alternately enlightening, engrossing, humorous and sometimes downright appalling."
--Austin Chronicle

"...Lively and acerbic and full of genuine passion for his subject.. A browser's delight and a sourcebook to die for."
--Jazz Times

Available from:
Mercury House
San Francisco, CA
ISBN 1-56279-096-X
316 pp; price, $16.95 U.S.