Andy Clausen



My mother in mild despair rues
            My dearth of financial success
(her only criteria)
            Just like the Mayakavosky movie
            Version of Jack London's Martin Eden
(I went for the glory, not the bread)
What will you do when you get old?
            Jack London will not help you
            When you get old. He is dead. You
            Have no woman; who will take care
            of you? When I think how smart you were
            You could have been a lawyer, anything!
            You could have made something of your life.
Mom, now listen, and listen close, do you know
            in 100 years people will be studying your
            life & know why? Because you were my mother.
You sure think a lot of yourself
I'm trying to be objective
Well, tell me something, has your writing improved?
I think so, I'm learning & developing all the time
Good, I could hardly read it before.
            It was like cat scratch.

Oakland, 1992



Beauty is not dead
A Vision for the Future
                    better not dead
Romance & Love are not dead
Heart seeking description
Windows of mountains streaming
                    resolve & wisdom are not dead
Battered old rattlers
Lovers of old objects
                    that created yesterdays
                    free of pain
                    are not dead
Defiant traditions of straight talk
                    on the life & death walk
                    are not dead
The great paintings & parties
                    in the verses of poets
                    beyond language awe inspiring
                    felt in the middle of the body
                    ZAUM is not dead
The Beauty of folk poetry
                    is not dead
Only the Past
Only the vacuous language of obscurant
       academes writing only to impress
       other poets promoting exclusion
Only the nihilist TV heads
Only the fascist cowards
Only those who want knowledge to be
       private property
       are dead
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Oakland, 1992