Stephen Bett

News from the Frontal Lobe II (riding vapid transit)

We live in a time when mindlessness has become
a profession replacing the mere state it used to be.
Ed Dorn


As fin de millennium enters New World Monoculture
the proverbial question of sizing the gap between
generations   (presently @ and un-@)
is becoming increasingly moot   We're simply
down to the stickier points of symbiosis     Of who's
'downloading' versus who's 'logging on'


And it doesn't only merge online, vapid transit,
E-Zee one-stop "thought shrinkage," eyeball surfing
the latest "shockventures"

                                                one palpable, if lo-tech,
version is hotline radio, open mouth segued into
mouth breather        The gulp of transmission that
registers multiple time zones      At precisely which point
cue breathless promo for up and coming
                             Don't miss the Superstar of Serial
Killers live right here on Network blah blah.


So no problem, some syndicated wag
talks the talk "tyranny of trash"
"decade of dross"      But we still site
preference for less alliterative, more
progressive terms
cycling loose testosterone
score half as (dot) net
loss / losing / losers


News from the Frontal Lobe III
(endorsements for the last big three)

In the '80s God was a pretty successful fund

raiser, marketeer, Praise the Lord Pass the Loot.
Until the little cable heart throbbers got caught
stuffing their polyesters (& their off-air boxers).
Kicking back the juice.
                                         Now the Big One's
been inked for the millennial Zeitgeist
as a
Fashion Accessory.    Right out there with the Rottweiler
& the half-aspirated tongue shtud.

Exhibit uno grosso, predictably, is tattoo obligato
on the pin-up bopper du jour-extreme navel

shaking his mojo on MuchMusic.   Signs on as "my heart
is totally into Jesus."   Which after a K-12 diet
of "feel good" & "self-advocate" (intermediate thru
accelerated) essentially means "up yours I'm special
go stencil in your own deep skin statement."

Still, notwithstanding the quick draw of a hot surface,
even our accessorized Main Mutha' has a couple
rivals on the billboard that's today's leasable body-part-
designer head lobes laser-etched in digital "cha-ching" &
share-splitting "swoosh."   Or we should just call it
(& pourquoi non) a corrective tick, or tic?   Certain affirmations.
Well as ghost sighting.    Like some 'flash' trinity
from a decidedly 'happening'
Endorsement World.