Ian McLachlan


Poem of Hedge Mutterer

              Thistle world
              Dark 'Brothels'
              bereft of sublimbo
              Shriek    Winter    Throstle
              Rumination      Gas
              Abuse Stains
              loose teeth
              Beak survey
              Lanes of night
              Philosophic glows
              Phosphatic lows
              Slaves counted
              arranged  :
              hot fingered alignment
              iron               shirt     deter
              last packets
              freeze    emit    citric
              divert forensics
              (Bikini on a stick)
              Neolithic?   Whip station
              Ochrous   grandiose
              pump system pre-empt
                   INVASION  :  microfungal
              Gethsemane  dusk  Lava World
Fossil thought & Emotion rise in lifeless


Hedge Mutterer Chant

Counter Crankle
Verdic bonus blang
Honig gluhwein
Status unknown.

Kerdle tharp
soon scatter nest
Alight. Pike meetings
none so bleak as
a martyr.

Furtive goon gone
to worm.
Meltwaters Vache-bed
pianolia yurt
pre-empt downfall of

Thap  Thap  Thap
    goes the insolent
Stir the Whirlpool
Stick lash
feel no thigh.

Thorough  fare
    sudden mammal
tree  shake  all
  rain  down.
Hurtle your crud
Simple inching
  wheels on time
ice bellows

  myrtle,    vaccinium
moorland  prehistory
witness to angelic
open beaks

and star

slir whirlpool
Iron chewing bacteria
Frontal lobe iodine
sabre-tooth    status quo
infusers of trace element

   pond and fire

give back the emptiness
of slash and burn
Alienation Silhouette
stoop wail thrash
out in the growth
Battle for some place
in someone's history