Nate Mohatt


The Burnt Man and Me     Study in Blindness

Dirty askew      Cap in the shade
I used to be him      Under a Bridge
Sun-burnt shining      Block of red-gold
American Icon      Tractor spinning by
Pulling a Mower      Rake and Bailer      Hay one month a year
Hey! I say      I used to be him
Blister bubble back      Pop Tart breakfast
Motor home overnight      I used to be him

Cock-a-doodle-doo      In the city
You called me from the day      To the entrance to the night
Your sweet sweet voice      Lured me away
Astray from I used to be him      Goddamn charred-up
He's a God in his own right      Burnt-down rascal

Refrigerator heart beam      Out of the soul
Me and Him both      Drink ice cold beer
Me under soft skin      Sitting sound-proofed
Him up at dawn      Scraping his palms
Hi-day hay! Hi-day ho!      I'm stuck on a bridge
He's under the sun      I drive through the night
He's all day long      Stepping on dirt

"How come you know him      Little city-slicker?"
I saw him yesterday      Red-plated gold
Feeding on the eddy      Cap askew head
He's got a spinning rod      I wished I'd had one
He was my uncle      My grand-dad and aunt
My Tupperware supper      Great-grandmother too
My jadeite dream      I saw him at a fish fry
Two hours away      It was too damn hot

Hand worn face-wrinkle      He's older than me
I used to be him      Before I had to dream
You called me through the night      To the entrance to the city
We went for a soft drink      He showers with his beer
He showers then to bed      I drive through the night fog
I lost you in the light-tent      I searched the broken streets
I lost you in the night-tent      I used to be him

He's blinded by the sun      I wish I were burnt
He's blinded but perfect      I've lost track of you
Ancient!  Ancient!      Red never slathered
Trout in the water      Man in the field
I've blinded you      And you've blinded me
We're blind hallelujahs      I used to be him
And the baseball cap and the cooler      I used to be
And the sun burn on the outside      We're all staring baby
No one's blinded right      No one yet at least
No one's blinded right      At the entrance to night


360 Degrees in the Tradition of Sense

Kicking Horse couldn't
Goad the bull forward,
Couldn't arrest glossolalia.
A long winded heat stroke,
I know it in my future, it is
In the desert.

There, I will forget
The circles and walk
Never getting anywhere
While others blow dust;
When I find a tent
It will offer no shade
My tongue will become inflamed
I will have difficulty

Snow sometimes falls
In the desert.
Can I speak like the cactus,
A succulent deserter
From humanity?

The breakdown of time-quantities
Is subsumed
By a gradual becoming of space.
My chicken-wire fence
Is not approved
For high voltage activities.

This reflection might
Ignite a leaf,
The horses might spit salt
In my eyes, it would sting.

First, I have to dry my ears
And press them
Between sand etchings
And oil paintings,
Then I will lick the post.


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