Giles Goodland


Erotic Capital

Species of insect are attracted from miles around by the smell of their fellows' sex organs

more obligatory than erotic, but since they don't get in the way of the

sexually suggestive moaning—something that could cause the public to mistakenly believe

the male made regular undulating movements of his abdominal segments

will be erotic multimedia shows and rollaway 'hot seats' that allow the disco floor to be

for the baby the prototype of what later in life will become lover-lover bonding

watching her stiffen, then go out of self-control, all because of my magically penetrative word

their next encounter is filled with phallic vocabulary and the suggestion of sexual release

nervously licking her lips, were being aroused by the intrusion. Her unconsciousness of the hand suggests

can I fill your box? Can I pet your monkey? Can I peter your rabbit? Can I ear your muff?

based on 900 hours of watching heterosexual social behavior in bars. His research on copulatory sequences in rats suggested

a hand down to her inner thigh, and quite suddenly she tensed, her body went rigid, and as she pushed my hand away she said

the nice man I married' turned into 'a raving madman with scary, scary eyes' who used to tie her up before

what is known as the 'money shot'—a close-up of the male orgasm, sometimes filmed in

consumerism and the sexualization of violence. We have evolved a popular mythology, in which the hero's sexuality is

a puppet show at the Arts Festival which, according to witnesses, included oral sex

cotton fabric becomes invested with sex and catches fire with consumers, and then

an unlicensed second-hand clothing shop in Tokyo, specializing in used panties and schoolgirl uniforms, on suspicion

that male sexuality was considered unassailable and that this led to the notion of sperm as sexual capital

a man with breasts for eyes and pubis for a mouth

is interpreted as little more than a complex way of increasing our sexual selection

partners don't meet in the middle, a situation today's sex therapists have dubbed 'desire discrepancy.' Think of

the child with soothing words, breast-feeding, gentle caresses, and penis stroking. People in nearby seats tried to help by passing forward

an era that recognizes and celebrates women as sexual beings

six sexually-neutral color slides served as stimuli during the experimental trials. The sexual slides depicted

workshops in the arts of fantasy role-playing, 'play-piercing' and 'oral skills', and there's even a new museum of sex

a new industry, and the commodification of breasts becomes that much more intensified

retired sex-worker Scotty, the "Sexy Super Gran", whose brittle cheerfulness masks

for us to be playful with our sexuality and our feelings of being fat, to jiggle it around.

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Liquid Capital

They might find themselves in the political wilderness for a generation—or liquidated entirely

taking advantage of the inflow of oil money, these foreign financial operators

change quickly. There is still a shortage of liquid capital, and relatively unemployed money

bank on capital flows as a rule of thumb against which to gauge the influence of

innovations like stream of consciousness which dissolve the formal syntax of culture into

straight-through and split-flow process configurations evaluated for: (1) two-stage plants with bypass reheat, (2)

chaotic phenomena in production, circulation and distribution have not been eliminated

by shareholders. Attention must be paid to absorbing floating capital

in unstable countries, may rush to buy extra crude. Result for Americans could be

fires associated with such things as cover plate leakage, turbocharger failures, and fuel oil

in exposed water in or near cisterns, oil drums, motor tyres, open drains, even church fonts

but Detroit's gains, fueled by higher car prices and higher unit sales, haven't trickled down

urine voided by the patient in the normal way is collected and centrifuged

the wand, which dispensed the liquid nitrogen at a pressure of 150 lb/sq in., cleared a square

-shaped, dripping ice cube along her neck, her forehead and, depending on which version you see, her chest

a little nose paint? Drinkwater said to Casey, beckoning to the bar, where they took a table

and an information/telecommunications network. When subject to the digital flow

the loaf concept prevents the onions from getting as crisp as they might if allowed to fry freely in oil

splashing into the nest they hurl out the eggs, whose elastic threads attach to plant stems

often highlighted by a swirling solid-to-liquid effect that the company calls Warpo

oil burners, either electric or heated by a candle, are now widely available

on its international flights and by next winter, his water will be flowing into U.S. cities

strum produces a graceful, lilting sound like flowing water

residents related their struggle to survive without the right to fish in the waters which had fed

bottomhole pressure increases or spikes as a result of liquid slugs and inertial acceleration

unregulated, secretive and highly leveraged capital flows sweeping around

stainless steel construction and closed water systems, special crumb free flow pan, plus

the color can be introduced into the tumbling sugar by atomizing a liquid color

such massive liquidity injection within a supply-constraint economy can lead to overheating

the parcels, as they flowed down, made a dull sound at the bottom of the hole, like a stone thrown

or process equipment that carries a pulse of fluid less than .012 cubic inches

to achieve a decent depth of liquidity without becoming dependent on over-cooked technology

ensuring continuous and stable material flow to the cone.

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Narco Capital

The CIA is in no way engaged in either witting or unwitting testing of drugs today

cops are ordered to prove they are junkies by dealers who have them locked inside

a 'drug recall' measure was obtained by asking respondents if they recalled seeing any TV

stimulants peak at ages 26-34, sedatives peak after 50 and tranquilizers remain on the same level

substance consumption and subjective stress indicators were measured repeatedly

by police studying the possible involvement of the bank in drug trafficking

abuse of all substances from heroin to paint thinner is evident, and addicts often use

a quantity of drugs in glassine envelopes on a table in the back room

the mayor, whose sins included the sale of psychedelic gelatin, sent three demons to waylay

the lucrative cocaine business without a 'concurrent expansion of legitimate

drugs, including common anti-cancer treatments and morphine, differ in effect according to

hand signals and mouth gestures' that they were buying drugs from a police officer

the bank records are also likely to reveal that the Panamanian leader was being paid by the C.I.A. at the time as

psycho-sexual-religious horror, blazing with screaming guitars and acid-trippy psychedelics

such vices are simply not necessary when you are 'cracked up on Jesus,' he chants

with LSD and pot part of the experience. A 'psychedelicatessen' sold green Jell-O

to simulate the way molecules—and especially drug molecules and receptors—dock

created by the CIA. Patients were given hallucinogenic drugs and made to wear virtual-reality

they cross the mountains, lakes and seas that comprise Europe's outer frontiers, carrying the mob's narcotics in

an 'entheogen' (an 'inner-god-releasing' substance), causing alterations in consciousness that can be

the consciousness that he or she wishes to obtain, and is lulled by a rainbow

saying: 'The stuff is not mine.' Police escorted Lam back to his flat where they found two torn condoms with traces of heroin

unaware that they were part of the agency's experiments on mind control. The subjects ranged from

slain narco-corrido king Chalino Sanchez, and a blurred black-and-gray field stamped with 'There is no

liquidity injection within a supply-constraint economy can lead to increases in imports

the meat-spattered participants were drugged by a sense of communal sexuality. They

swallow Ya Ba tablets after school and clamour for more. For a quicker rush, they crush

and misuse a synthetic analog of prostaglandin E, resulting in limb deformities attributable to vascular disruption.

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