If new is a look into the potentials of an artistic future, Wildflowers is an exquisite and tactile revisiting of some of the most exciting aspects of the 20th Century counterculture. Beautifully produced in on handmade paper in Nepal, it is subtitled a Woodstock mountain poetry anthology and thoroughly American in tone, by which I mean it explores the American counterculture interpretations of Indian and Tibetan imagery, featuring back covers that homage the chakra system and Marvel comics. The already-gorgeous pages are heavily decorated. Although some of the contributors are younger than I am, I tend to see this magazine as the culmination of the foundations of the ongoing Beat tradition. It's a must for every student of the 20th Century counterculture aesthetic. --JP

Samples from the third issue

Samples from the fourth issue

Samples from the fifth issue

Lots of samples from the sixth issue

Each issue of Wildflowers is released in a limited edition of 333 copies. It's published by Shivastan Publishing, which craftprints chapbooks & broadsides on its signature homemade paper. Check out www.shivastan.com.