Wandering Hermit Review


Dear Wandering Hermit Review:

I have broken
the spine
of the sam
ple issue

when scan
ning art by Sondheim
to show
for Big Bridge

Forgive me
it was colorful
so bright
and so strange --JP

Selections from the first issue

The Wandering Hermit Review: An International Journal of Art and Literature premiered with the Summer/Fall 2005 issue, at 150 perfectbound pages, with a cardstock cover. It featured a tribute to Philip Lamantia and Robert Creeley, a section of small press reviews, and a vast array of poetry and prose. Issue 2 will feature David Baratier, Michael Basinski, Matt Briggs, Travis Catsull, David Chorlton, Michael Corrigan, Richard Dinges, Jeff Harrison, Klipschutz, Stacey Levine, Steven Lohse, Jessee Minkert, Ace Moore, David Morimoto, Geof Pope, MaryLou Sanelli, Anthony Seidman, Tom Sheehan, Eileen Tabios, David Thornbrugh, Rodgrigo Toscano, Bill White, Christopher Woods and more. Issues of The Wandering Hermit Review can be purchased for $10 from the editor, Steve Potter, at 317 Harvard Ave. E., #B, Seattle, WA 98102. Check out their web site at wanderinghermit.com, or see a few samples from issue 1..