small town


There's an increasing shortage of good print magazines that consistently feature the diverse poetic voices of the contemporary poetry world. With no claim to a particular clique, small town is stripped-down and direct, as if motivated by a pure love of poetry, rather than an interest in glitter or flash. Evidenced by the fact that they've switched to staplebinding in order to publish more often, small town wants only to give readers access to great contemporary poets. It's a magazine to be read. --JP

Sample from the fourth issue

Sample from the fifth issue

Sample from the sixth issue

small town is a poetry mag that sometimes features interviews, and maybe essays. After being published as a perfect bound, almost-biannual mag, small town is now a staple-bound mag due out three or four times a year.

Poets/writers included in previous issues include Benjamin Hollander, Larry Kearney, Stacy Doris, William Corbett, Ammiel Alcalay, Paul Hoover, Lisa Jarnot, Maxine Chernoff, John Sakkis, M.S. Arnone, George Albon, Michael Slosek, Armand F. Capanna II, Brandon Brown, Kevin Killian, Stephanie Young, Jack Spicer, Chris Stroffolino, Sarah Menefee, Elise Ficarra, Frank Barry Smith, Suzanne Stein, Lauren Shufran, Kelly Holt, Nicholas Ravnikar, Chris Grant, Parker Zane Allen, Stephen Kelley, and Aaron Lowinger, among others.

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