Factorial Two


[Two] Factorial—Contents


Avery E.D. Burns & Norma Cole, unscripted behaviors
Sarah Ann Cox & Yedda Morrison & Elizabeth Treadwell, dream of the house that was
Caroline Presnell & April West & Bobbie West, Conversations with Fire
Stefan Hyner & Jerome Rothenberg, Vienna & the German Tidiness
Sawako Nakayasu & Kerri Sonnenberg, from 71 Postcards
Natasha Dwyer & Susan Landers, Original Message
Jeff Lytle & Dawn Trook, from Diamonding
Eric Baus & Noah Eli Gordon & Nick Moudry & Travis Nichols,
from The Whalebone Essays, (volume 3)

(On [Collaborating) On]

from OH an essay, John Crouse & Andrew Topel
Octavia Orange & Accomplice 19
from Elements of Performance Art, Anthony Howell & Fiona Templeton
Beyond Manzanar, Zara Houshmand & Tamiko Thiel
Jerome Rothenberg & Stefan Hyner
Bobbie West
Dawn Trook & Jeff Lytle
Avery E.D. Burns
71 Kids, Kerri Sonnenberg & Sawako Nakayasu