Factorial One


[One] Factorial—Contents


Kristin P. Bradshaw & Cole Heinowitz, from Textbook
Lisa Hargon-Smith & Laura Mullen, Formal Device
Michael Gizzi & Craig Watson, from Section 9
Nelson Howe & Rosmarie Waldrop, from Body Image
Dennis Phillips & Paul Vangelisti, from November
Carla Harryman & Amy Trachtenberg, from The Games
Rachel Levitsky & Laura E. Wright, Some Cheating Otherwise Indicated
Ruth Margraff, Back of the Dollar Latin
Jordan Harrison & Laura Klein & Gary Winter, Cathedral Beat
GROUP, Taking Things for Pomegranate
Rachel Bers & E. Tracy Grinnell, from t*pography
Patrick Durgin & Jen Hofer, from Routine Knew/Coda (Encode)
Mary Downing & Brian Strang, from floor
Beth Murray & Randee Paufve, 12 Horrors

(On [Collaborating) On]

A Conversation, Randee Paufve & Beth Murray
Lisa Hargon-Smith
Summer Solstice, Cole Heinowitz & Kristin P. Bradshaw
Jen Hofer & Patrick Durgin
Brian Strang & Mary Downing
Laura E. Wright & Rachel Levitsky
Ruth Margraff
Paul Vangelisti & Dennis Phillips
Amy Trachtenberg & Carla Harryman
Yoko Ono
Thoughts on Collaborating as a Dance Collective, Sally Picciotto
Six Directions’ Sonoma Report, Eileen Tabios
Titles for Sale, Keith Waldrop