Court Green


There is joy at Columbia College Chicago; a joy based on the love of film, the love of funky 70s cover design style, and most of all, a joy based on the love of poetry. Court Green is a playful, whimsical, and ultimately very scholarly magazine of contemporary poetry, exploring the ways we communicate our passions and our triumphs. With themed and unthemed work in every issue, this relatively new magazine is exploring the world of contemporary poetry and finding numerous reasons to keep reading and writing.--JP

Samples from the first issue

Samples from the second issue

Court Green is a poetry journal published annually in association with the English Department at Columbia College Chicago and is edited by Arielle Greenberg, Tony Trigilio and David Trinidad. Each issue features a dossier on a special topic or theme. The first issue, published in 2004, features a dossier on film. The second issue, Spring 2005, featured a dossier on the poet Lorine Niedecker. Issue 3 is coming out in Spring 2006, and will include a dossier of sonnets written in "bout-rimes" form. Check them out at