Clara Venus


Marie Kazalia, longtime figure of the small and underground presses, releases her first issue of Clara Venus and proudly waves her lack of a flag. Designed with hand-made cover art, Clara Venus is street-level poetry and art, representing no school, no fashion, no underground anti-school or clique. It's an eclectic blend of authenticity, a meeting of the diverse figures of the American literary landscape who don't have the grants and honorariums necessary to meet in person. Clara Venus shows us one woman's aesthetic, without regard to what is or is not (or will be or was) considered respectable on any day of the week. --JP

Selections from the first issue

Clara Venus is published annually in April, and accepts submissions of poetry, flash fiction, photos, and black-and-white art year round. It's $6.99 per issue, or $15 for a subscription. Write to, or ATTN: Marie Kazalia, Red Hand Press, P.O. Box 422344, San Francisco, CA 94143-2344. And be sure to check out these samples.