Michael McClure

San Francisco Poets
The San Francisco Poets
edited by David Meltzer
Ballantine Books, 1971


Meltzer: Portrait of the Poet, 1957

Dauntingly undaunted to write epics of youth
Alert to the spasmings of lesser talents
Virtually as gleeful as a chickadee or cub puma
Intensity can rollick draculas or stone peanuts
Damned by the grace and blue notes he outspokenly continues

Myrrh and muscatel and timing of jack benny
Eros and elves secretly dreaming up future novels
Laugh at the infrastructure squinting from the cabala
Today is the iris of 1957 in the pupil of 2005
Zadik running hand in glove with Aleph
Eternity spins on the toe of ten thousand raped enjambements
Rage forward young mammal, drink the future!


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