Micah Ballard & Cedar Sigo

The Agency Trilogy
The Agency Trilogy
by David Meltzer
Masquerade Books, 1994


Teaching the Young

I had begged the guards to observe my birthday
& to free the gates of the diamond district.
Owl feathers crush together
You fight the minotaur at the end.
I had no energy left even for short lyrics
Nor the pleasures of ground breaking arcades
Nor the plaza. I am ready to die.
Nocturnal mass that does not last
What the guilt is playing off of
The lighted path to exit.
I placed the ghetto hand between
All the slabs were cracked
Killed in his flat adding ashes to the dose
We inscribe his name above the entrance
& voodoo is set to continue
We have collected his live performances
A reverse pedicure
& a touch up on those heels
Pointing to the ruins the way the shanghais do
I guess that's why we got along so long.


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