David Meltzer
David Meltzer
Courtesy Aya
Clark Coolidge, David Meltzer, and Tina Meltzer
Clark Coolidge, David Meltzer, and Tina Meltzer
Courtesy Ben E. Watkins
In 1967, Vanguard Records released The Serpent Power, a collaborative effort featuring the poems of David Meltzer, which would appear that same year in print in The Dark Continent from Oyez. The Serpent Power was not simply a spoken word album, but poetry made into rock 'n' roll. It featured David Meltzer on guitar and harmonica, Denny Ellis on rhythm guitar, David Stenson on bass, John Payne on organ, Clark Coolidge on drums, and vocals by David and Tina Meltzer. The final track, "Endless Tunnel," also featured J. P. Pickens on the electrified 5-string banjo. It is this long and sophisticated track that we present to you here.

The Serpent Power is now available on a double-album CD with Poet Song, another poetic-rock collaboration by David and Tina Meltzer.

"Endless Tunnel"
13 min. 13 sec., 10.6 megs

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