Celebration and Reading: The Selected Poems of David Meltzer

David Meltzer David Meltzer reads from
Shema by David Meltzer
3 min. 33 sec., 9.8 megs
Duncan McNaughton Duncan McNaughton reads
Morning Glories, by Shiga Naoya, translated by Allen Say and David Meltzer
1 min. 59 sec., 5.5 megs
Joanne Kyger Joanne Kyger reads
Lamentation for Jack Spicer by David Meltzer
1 min. 30 sec., 4.0 megs
Diane DiPrima Diane DiPrima reads
15th Raga / for Bela Lugosi by David Meltzer
48 sec., 2.3 megs
Clark Coolidge Clark Coolidge reads from
Beat Thing by David Meltzer

part 1, 6 min. 28 sec., 17.7 megs
part 2, 6 min. 33 sec., 18.6 megs
Gloria Frym Gloria Frym reads from
Shema by David Meltzer
2 min. 25 sec., 7.0 megs
Michael McClure Michael McClure reads
Nature Poem by David Meltzer
1 min. 3 sec., 2.9 megs
Michael Rothenberg Michael Rothenberg reads
The Blackest Rose by David Meltzer
51 sec., 2.5 megs

These clips are in the new .mp4 format, which can be read by a few media players. If you have trouble with them, we recommend installing the latest version of QuickTime.

All clips and images courtesy Mark Palmer, who filmed the reading at
New College of California Cultural Center, Valencia St., San Francisco, October 12th, 2005


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