Sophie Dannenmüller


Homage to David Meltzer

Two-Way Mirror
Two-Way Mirror: A Poetry Notebook
Oyez, 1977

I contacted David Meltzer a few years ago while doing research on the work of his late friend, the influential artist Wallace Berman. David's intellect and vast culture made a strong impression on me, and we quickly formed a strong friendship. There was an immediate affinity, despite the years, the different backgrounds, and the thousands of miles between us. Talking with him, as I now often do, is always a very enjoyable and stimulating experience. David is one of the people I feel closest to and think of as a dear friend.

Moreover, thanks to David, I can continue to believe in my "American dream." He epitomizes, for me, what made America great: his humanism, tolerance, idealism, fearless honesty, poetic vision, compassion. People like David are invaluable in today's America. By keeping his eyes wide open, watching, questioning, writing, performing, he lets us hear another voice and involves us in an essential reflection. It is very important that the Beat Generation spirit that revolutionized America years ago have an equivalent in today's America.

For all of this, thank you, David.

Sept. 2005, Paris, France


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