I Like Your Eyes Liberty


I Like Your Eyes Liberty
Terry Riley and Michael McClure


Michael and I got together for
         3 spontaneous Recording sessions
at the Sri Moonshine Studio and
               . . . BAM! . . .
              That was it
McClure stood... poems in Hand... at
The microphone... launching wave after
wave of Dazzling Imagery
                      for me
it was not unlike the experience
of working with another inspired
All the elements were there...
Opening vast spaces for voice
and music to spiral up the
                    Buddha Column
The complex sound of “I like Your Eyes
Liberty” was achieved in Real Time
without overdubbing and only minor

A big thanks to Mikail Graham for his
help in the edit and Sound Production.

                                              Terry Riley

is the fledging and shedding of souls as
they are created— and the movement from
man-language and man-music to the
melody in our dark dumb brilliant
wise silent flesh.
         Working with Terry in his Sierra
foothills studio was inspired from the
moment we opened the door and Terry
played the first note.
           The words are from my “PLUM STONES:
            CARTOONS OF NOHEAVEN” (O Books, 2002)
            and “GHOST TANTRAS” (San Francisco, 1964)

Deep gratitude to TERRY, ANN, and AMY.

                                              Michael McClure