Continuous Flame
A Tribute to Philip Whalen

Fish Drum Magazine has put out a special book/issue to honor Philip Whalen: poet, priest, and friend. It is co-edited by Michael Rothenberg and Suzi Winson. The book contains over 50 rare photographs of Whalen along with poems, anecdotes and reflections from friends and colleagues. Contributors include Joanne Kyger, Gary Snyder, Alice Notley, Anne Waldman, Robert Creeley, Diane Di Prima, David Meltzer, Michael McClure, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Clark Coolidge, Donald Guravich, Bill Berkson, Leslie Scalapino, Abbie Winson, Robert Winson, Larry Keenan, Allen Ginsberg, Gordon Ball, Rob Lee, Steve Wilson, Christopher Felver, John Suiter and other colleagues and close friends of Philip's.

Send $20 plus $3.5 ship and handling to the address listed, check or money order made out to Fish Drum Inc. Some of the proceeds will go to Poets In Need, Inc., which gives Whalen grants to established poets in crises.

For Fish Drum subscribers, the book counts for 2 issues of Fish Drum Magazine.

P.O. Box 966
Murray Hill Station
New York, NY 10156

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Robert Creeley on Whalen

Donald Guravich on Whalen

Clark Coolidge on Whalen

David Meltzer on Whalen