Big Bridge #10

An Open Letter to America


David Meltzer



heart’s part
loops spools
borders & dethroned art
at the boundary
searched & seized
brands name me

green light canaries
chirp stop & go
fly through company store
gill nets

pixel sigils leap         from zone to zone
corral our shuttle

I surrender dear
voluntary slavery
haul rocks to pyramid’s base
place a pebble
in the rubble

if kids ask about hegemony
say Christmas

Cabbage Patch

unchained melody                 on line

take these chains
from my heart

time in chains
keep art’s pain
in plain view

push out hemmorid curls of
bloody burger coils

sing cellphone counterpoint
disembodied oracle
alone on the cellphone
cool suits move
in throngs
designer haircuts
in doorways

Pakistani cabdriver
Sikh cabdriver
Hindu cabdriver
Muslim cabdriver
call me “sir”                       & always tell me
“no problem”

play bangrah cassettes               devotional harmonium
Bollywood soundtracks
out shattered speakers                       disarm me on the Freeway
unwind me
secret agent poet
nods & bobs
in time w/ MIDI tablas                        big “problem”
drives us smash-bang
into brick barrier

e-mail tells me                  Bibliofind’s owned by Amazon
owell’s is now
Barnes & Noble

no time to shake head
for punchline or
doubletake or
say wha

breaks apart ethic
one thought was

an all-new improved
mutant wild west show
predation nation
suburbs & prisons
abound with                        segregated selves
in private cells
cathode cuffed

how to own the unknown
disown the known
edge of cold sweat

dread waits for          random death
the guy in a SUV
on a cellphone
in TV videogame
doesn’t see you
even after he hits you

stone skips
great lakes
in found art
clip clop smack slap
over gray sludge glitter

stuff  ‘r’  us

hey babes
it’s class war
no matter how
classy your chassis

random necessity
luxury dogs let loose
go everywhere
it’s all theirs
snarf snarf

silly cones
at sudden
outdoor coffeshops
one hop away from
retro 50s boutiques
faux beatniks w/
exotic dogs & cellphones

live through stuff
a stuffed life
where empty speech
weaves together
meaning & continuity

balkanization yes
aryanization si
sudden rich kids
prance furtive
through hardcore
gauntlet of homeless        junkies
zero lifers
cracked out
zapped off
splat pants
shit sock    s
dark crotch puke glaze
fierce survivors
stay alivers
in your no eye contact
a dis-ease
a busy molecule
into core of certainty

everyone owns
everyone else
ah perfect world

sign in City Lights
‘no sell phones                    beyond this point’


the tiniest hand puts together
the crappiest cheapo toy or gizmo               in any or all 99˘ stores
in any or all
strip mall
where bottom feeders & kitschniks forage
in the sewage of abundance