Big Bridge #10


Fiction & Non-Fiction

john colagrande jr
Maggie Dubris
Patricia Christina Engel
Allan Graubard
Kendra Dwelley Guimaraes
Gretchen McCullogh
Mark Mazer
Rodney Nelson
Michael J. Vaughn


Brad Fox on Shamanic Warriors, Now Poets
Allan Graubard on Chaos & Glory by Ira Cohen
Anthony Hunt on the writing of Genesis, Structure, and Meaning in Gary Snyder’s ‘Mountains and Rivers Without End’
Bill Lavender on Normahl Welkings by Zac Denton and USA Patriot Acts by Mark Prejsnar
Bill Lavender on Elegies & Vacations by Hank Lazar
John Lowther on Handbook of Inaesthetics by Alan Badiou
John Lowther on While Sleeping by Bill Lavender
Jonathan Penton on Beat Thing by David Meltzer
Karl Young on Beat Thing by David Meltzer

Recommended Reading

In the Seasons of My Eye: Martin Matz
Eda: An Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Poetry: Murat Nemet-Nejat, ed.
I Like Your Eyes Liberty: Terry Riley and Michael McClure
Looking for a Sign in the West: Peter Tuttle