This list includes links to contributors in the current and all past issues of Big Bridge. Many links will take you into our archives.


Keith Abbott

            Art and calligraphy of Beat poetry

            Non-fiction: Jim in Bolinas: A Memoir of Jim Gustafson


Sam Abrams

            Poetry: The Purpose

            Poetry: Trick or Treat

            Poetry: Flip Flop Flip

            Poetry: The Test


Seth Abramson

            Poetry: 1969


Anna Akhmatova

            Poetry: The Last Toast

            Poetry: Censure


Adam Aitken

            Poetry: Hybrid Heaven


Stew Albert

            Essay: What Goes Around


Jordie Albiston

            Poetry: Collectables

            Poetry: Things to Do (Suburbia)


Ammiel Alcalay

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Non-fiction: Israel-Palestine 101: A Letter to Robert Creeley


William Allegrezza

            Poetry: red

            Poetry: dark ships



            Poetry: Animal Poetry

            Elegy: Dark Times Make for New Places

            Elegy: Hello Below the Serif

            Poetry: Turtlephone



            Poetry: The 4 Noble Truths of Buddha – Jaded, Updated, and Serrated

            Poetry: the corpse

            Poetry: On Icarus' Wings



            Fiction: Lingerie


Bruce Andrews

            Poetry: Pink Hints


Alina Antonetti

            Poetry: For a Dead Poetess


Louis Armand

            Poetry: Abject Relations

            Poetry: Sleeping Positions


Carson Arnold

            Essay: If There's a Smile on My Face


noelle b.

            chrome bones


Petra Backonja

            Poetry: Portrait: With Pearls

            Poetry: Afterswarm

            Poetry: Underwatch

            Poetry: What Continuum


Anny Ballardini

            Elegy: To Suor Maria Pozzi


David Baratier

            Poetry: Howdy

            Poetry: after Celan #7

            Poetry: What is right will never be lost or taken


Jean Baudrillard

            Interview by Nina Zivancevic


Brent Bechtel

            Poetry: Failing to gnaw on the plastic straw.


John Beer

            Poetry: Total Information Awareness

            Poetry: Swift Boat Veteran for Beauty


Luke Beesley

            Poetry: Fellini's Roma

            Poetry: Q


Franco Beltrametti

            Elegy: To Jack Spicer


Steve Ben-Israel

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


John M Bennett

            Poetry: Esuac


F. J. Bergmann

            Poetry: Sequitur


Bill Berkson

            Poetry: Tango

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Sir Francis Dark

            Poetry: Another Coffee, After Saint Augustine

            Poetry: Most Valuable Person

            Poetry: The Reader's Lover

            Poetry: Dichotomy Times, or How to Assuage Political Grieving

            Elegy: Baby’s Awake Now


Charles Bernstein

            Poetry: The Ballad of the Girlie Man


Robert James Berry

            Poetry: The Maker

            Poetry: Growing

            Poetry: Thoughts


Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge

            Poetry: Susie, Kiki, Annie


Stephen Bett

            Poetry: News from the Frontal Lobe II

            Poetry: News from the Frontal Lobe III


Ken Bolton

            Poetry: American Friends

            Poetry: Horizon

            Poetry: Some Thinking


Jennifer Birkett

            Elegy: Pinked to the Tate

            Poetry: Pink Dialogues

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


John Bloomberg-Rissman

            Poetry: Totally Entirely Quite Completely Not At All

            Poetry: Grenadine Szorora: Some Poems


Hal Bohner

            EXHIBIT: The Whacky World of Alfred Chester


Ken Botto

            Art selections in issue 3


Kristy Bowen

            Poetry: Hazards


Peter Boyle

            Poetry: To J

            Poetry: The Unknowable


Tom Bradley

            Fiction: I Was a Teenage Rent-A-Frankenstein


John Brandi

            Non-fiction: Cuba Journals, 2002

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Art and Poetry: Glyph Poems


Mary-Anne Breeze

            Poetry: _Boxed A[rray]ndrogynous_ Force:[Mission Parameters]

            Poetry: [Buyo]_Logical Pop_


Scott Brennan

            Poetry: Contentment

            Art selections in issue 8


James Brook

            Poetry: Television: A Letter to Robert Duncan, with a Thought for Jess

            Poetry: Waiting Room

            Poetry: Cold Water Motor Court

            Poetry: Hermetic Poem

            Poetry: Coda Wags Dog


Arthur Davis Broughton

            Art selections in issue 9


Robert Brown

            Art selections in issue 7


Janet I. Buck

            Poetry: The Wake Up Call


Ronnie Burk

            Poetry: eagle beneath the sea

            Poetry: Automatic comic strip

            Poetry: cracked mirror

            Poetry: Optic Nerve

            Poetry: Words Written in Blue Flame

            Poetry: Sky*Boat


Nicole Burrows

            Poetry: Ode to Kenward Elmslie

            Poetry: Ode to Joseph Caravolo


Christina Butcher

            Poetry: all around the mulberry bush

            Poetry: museum of wax


Mairead Byrne

            Poetry: Touch


Jennifer Calkins

            Poetry: Start Here


Nick Carbo

            Poetry: Typhoon Signal No. 1

            Poetry: Speech Impediments

            Poetry: Grammarotics


Tom Carey

            Poetry: To Elio

            Poetry: On Dissolution

            Poetry: Mood Swing


Andie Carpenter

            Poetry: Deconstruction

            Poetry: Seven Reasons to Smoke Cigarettes

            Poetry: Concerto

            Poetry: Hearing Neruda

            Poetry: Read This To Reporters When They Ask Why I Went Mad


Terri Carrion

            Poetry: Wandering through the Big Picture

            Poetry: Cerebral Parsley

            Poetry: Quantum foam


Michael Castro

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Song of the Golden Harp

            Poetry: Collateral Damage

            Poetry: The Monsters


Joel Chace

            Poetry: polydicks poke her producks


C. E. Chaffin

            Poetry: Nocturne


Robin Chapman

            Poetry: The Hill in Marquette County


Neeli Cherkovski

            Poetry: Three Green Stalks

            Poetry: Poor Democracy…

            Poetry: The Elegy


Alfred Chester

            Fiction: from Exquisite Corpse


Justin Chin

            26 Acts


Josephine Clare

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Tom Clark

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: The Hero Sacks Out At the Millennium Motel

            Poetry: Nivene's Dream

            Poetry: The Hero's Dream of the Postman and Nivene


Andy Clausen

            Poetry: Phone with Mom

            Poetry: Access Us


Andrei Codrescu

            Poetry: Nickelodeon

            Poetry: No Terror Natives Upset


Ira Cohen

            EXHIBIT: electronic multimedia shaman

            CHAPBOOK: Millennium

            Art and Poetry: Angkor 2003, First Trip

            Art and Poetry: Tribute to Ronnie Burk

            Art and Poetry: Seven Postcards

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Lakshmi Cohen

            Art: My Father


John Colagrande Jr.

            Fiction: The Sea Lion

            Fiction: Diamond and Dolly


Todd Colby

            Poetry: The Incidents


Jack Collom

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Zeno I

            Poetry: Zeno II

            Poetry: Zeno III

            Poetry: King David Suddenly

            Poetry: Ezra Pound

            Poetry: Negative Capability

            CHAPBOOK: Slice


Aaron Couch

            Poetry: The Box

            Poetry: Global Language II: Thug Life the Movie

            Poetry: Global Language III: The Sleeping Beggar


Clayton A. Couch

            Poetry: Trilateral Commission


Jeff Conant

            Poetry: Poems from Twenty (Survey) Questions (on corporate globalization) and a Statement of Hope

Bruce Covey

            Elegy: 77


Ray Craig

            Elegy: as before, he will collapse in nurse


Robert Creeley

            CHAPBOOK: People


MTC Cronin

            from <More or Less Than> 1-100


Del Ray Cross

            from Anachronisms


William Curtis

            Essay: My Association with Phil Ochs


Garin Cycholl

            Poetry: Notes

            Poetry: Midwestern Landscape #13

            Poetry: Domestic Scene #3

            Poetry: Jesus Christ in his Off-Hours

            Poetry: Der Knochenlieder (Three Investigations)


Steve Dalachinsky

            Poetry: the seasons: fragments from the journals of CACTUS HEAD {PRIVATE}

            Poetry: the 10 plagues thru eyes of a working class Egyptian {PRIVATE}


Maria Damon

            Elegy: Lyx Ish Memorial Celebration


Nancy Victoria Davis

            CHAPBOOK: All along the Tigris River bend

            CHAPBOOK: Ancient Land Animal

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            CHAPBOOK: Hungry 'Til I Learned the Word for Corn

            Art: Lisbon Indian Summer

            CHAPBOOK: It Was the Bomb

            CHAPBOOK: Engravings of Snakes

            CHAPBOOK: The Real News

            Art selections in issue 3

            CHAPBOOK: Slice

            CHAPBOOK: Mark Other Place


Alison McParlin Davis-Murphy

            Poetry: The Smell of My Death


Larry O. Dean

            Poetry: Potholes of Chicago

            Poetry: I Ate Chocolate and Lost 20 Lbs.


Martha L. Deed

            Elegy: Year Three


Adam DeGraff

            Review: Bill Berkson's Fugue State


Helyn Dell

            Poetry: Zephyr


Albert DeSilver

            Poetry: Letter Fifty Three


Tom Devaney

            Poetry: Song for Shaky Youth

            Poetry: Everyone I know

            Poetry: Man in a Hole


Pamela Dewey

            ART: photography exhibit in Issue 10


B. R. Dionysus

            Poetry: The Negativity Bin – (ix) The Ladder of Creation


John Doe

            Three Poems and a Song: On the Road with Doe


Jose Manuel dos Santos Cross

            ART: sculpture exhibit in Issue 10


Eric Drooker

            Art selections in issue 1


Mark DuCharme

            Poetry: The Center of Reflection

            Poetry: lemongrass, dewlarks, full draught of, fall thud


Maggie Dubris

            Fiction: from Skels

            Fiction: The Mighty Up


Stacey Duff

            Elegy: Spring Obituary


John Dufresne

            Fiction: Situating the Parents

            Fiction: Bridle

            Fiction: Breaking it Down for You


Laurie Duggan

            Poetry: Difference and repetition

            Poetry: Pastoral

            Poetry: The vocation of doubt


Denise Duhamel

            Poetry: GIRL SEX GIRL SEX GIRL (a poem written in p)

            Poetry: Slangster Cult

            Poetry: Omphaloskepsis

            Poetry: Self Portrait without Glasses


Cyrill Duneau

            ART: multimedia exhibit in Issue 10


kari edwards

            Poetry: Hawaii 5-o


Rebecca Edwards

            Poetry: At Yoshinoya

            Poetry: Plague Animals


Mauro Efef

            Art selections in issue 2


Amanda Eicher

            Art selections in issue 9


Stephen Ellis

            Review of Cosmopolitan Tremble by Mark DuCharme

            Review of Scratch Sides by Kristen Prevallet


Jeff Encke

            Poetry: four selections from Most Wanted


Robert Klein Engler

            Poetry: Landings


Clayton Eshleman

            Poetry: The Hybrid is the Engine of Anima Display

            Poetry: The Assault


Patricia Christina Engel

            Fiction: Strays

Brad Evans

            Poetry: their poetry is driving us crazy


Steve Evans

            Review of Serenade by Bill Berkson


Jane Falk

            Poetry: Permutation Poem for Philip Whalen


Tom Ferguson

            ART: comic exhibit in Issue 10


Lawrence Ferlinghetti

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Liam Ferney

            Poetry: Bagged

            Poetry: Ode to Place

            Poetry: Sonnet 1000002


Michael Ferrell

            Poetry: cabbage damage

            Poetry: dramaque

            Poetry: the guys on the roof

            Poetry: rhubarb


Paco Ferrer

            contributions to Poetry & Eroticism


Vincent Ferrini

            Poetry, Art, and Interview: The Initiations


Steve Finbow

            From Porkchop Jukebox


Norman Fischer

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Review: Overtime: The Selected Poems of Philip Whalen

            Essay: Do You Want to Make Something of It?


Merry Fortune

            Poetry: Church Avenue

            Poetry: Civilization

            Poetry: Love Poem/July 24, 1996

            Poetry: "A Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus train has derailed this morning. No word on the fate of the animals…"


Brad Fox

            Review: Shamanic Warriors, Now Poets

Skip Fox

            Poetry: The country I come from

            Poetry: Morton


Brently Frazer

            Poetry: Theory of fabricated Situations


Vernon Frazer

            Fiction: two excerpts from Relic's Reunions

            Poetry: Consonantal Breakfasts

            Poetry: Eastern Lights

            Poetry: from Improvisations


Gloria Frym

            Poetry: Out

            Fiction: Crime and Punishment


Tova Gabrielle

            Poetry: Jewish Woman Finds Rebirth in California after Running


Lisa Galli

            Art selections in issue 1


Gwynne Garfinkle

            Poetry: ode

            Poetry: But that is not a small wound

            Poetry: apt apartment

            Poetry: A spate of lewdness

            Poetry: Thaw

            Poetry: The Museum of At

            Elegy: falls away


Daniel Gallik

            Poetry: Within the Drumlin


Dick Gallup

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Drew Gardner

            Poetry: The Loop


Ricky Garni

            Poetry: The Finest Truffle Assortment

            Poetry: Walking on the Wall

            Poetry: Charms

            Poetry: There's a Drawing of a Beautiful Woman in My Room


Caroline Gauger

            Poetry: Cinqo de Mayo Unrest

            Poetry: Postage Whore


Michael Gause

            Poetry: Disappointed 


Ellen Geist

            Poetry: Car Trouble

            Poetry: Boy Watching


Robert Gibbons

            Fiction: Make it New, in Oku, Boston, or Miami

            Fiction: The Internal & External are One: I'd Love to Go to the Keys


Alex Gildzen

            Poetry: Straddling Third St.

            Poetry: Morning Cantata

            Poetry: Ely Park


David Gitin

            Poetry: Estate

            Poetry: Passing Through

            Poetry: Woke Up One Morning

            Poetry: Muir Beach Rockfest


Michael Gizzi

            Poetry: A Self

            Poetry: Bunk Beds

            Poetry: Chimes at Midnight

            Poetry: El Wraith

            Poetry: Memory on Parade

            Poetry: A Rappelling Powder


Jesse Glass

            Poetry: New Year’s Day

            Poetry: New Year’s Day


Philip Good

            Poetry: Skylands


Daphne Gotlieb

            Poetry: Nocturnal Missions


James Graham

            Poetry: The Runner


Taylor Graham

            Poetry: The Loons are Thundering Their Lake

            Poetry: Horse Dance


Allan Graubard

            Non-Fiction: Ruins

            Review: Chaos & Glory by Ira Cohen

Renee Gregorio

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            CHAPBOOK: Hungry 'Til I Learned the Word for Corn


Claudia Grinnell

            Art and Poetry: As I Say This

            Art and Poetry: In the Wildest Sense, Everything

            Art and Poetry: Advice for Getting it Done

            Art and Poetry: Skinner Box

            Art and Poetry: What You Will Find Here


Kendra Dwelly Guimaraes

            Fiction: Bonitas

Jay Gumm

            contributions to Poetry & Eroticism


Jef Gunn

            Art selections in issue 1


Roxanne Poormon Gupta

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Donald Guravich

            Art, Poetry, and Fiction: A Donald Guravich Retrospective

            Art selections in issue 1


Hammond Guthrie

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Tide and Time Again…

            Poetry: Faith-basing the Leaky Faucet

            Poetry: Bombastic Promise Keeping


Tony Guzman

            Poetry: a life of one's own

            Poetry: I won't care

            Poetry: high coups


Gabor Gyukics

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Yacine Hachani

            Art selections in issue 8


Paul Hardacre

            Poetry: from The river is far behind us (parts xxvii – xxxiii)


Jeff Harrison

            Elegy: Elegy for Mice Trapped in a Burning House


Kimberly Harrison

            contribution to War Is Over


Jim Hayes

            Art selections in issue 2


Jonathan Hayes

            Poetry: The Killing Jar

            Poetry: Diamonds and Sneakers


Janie Heath

            Fiction: Ditch


Lyn Hejinian

            Poetry: from The Fatalist


Michael Heller

            Non-fiction: from Living Root: A Memoir


Michael Hettich

            Poetry: There Was a Mother

            Poetry: Memorable Food


Allen Hibbard

            EXHIBIT: The Whacky World of Alfred Chester


Tom Hibbard

            Review: Edward Weston: Philosophy of the Visible

            Review: Brett Evans' Autograph: After School Session

            Review: Prokofiev's Cinderella: Purity of Imagination


David Highsmith

            Poetry: from Petroglyph


Ernie Hilbert

            Poetry: Accession

            Poetry: Demonica

            Poetry: Heraklitus Wanders


Richard Hillman

            Poetry: The Blacksheep Says It All

            Poetry: Can't Say No

            Poetry: I'm Ready


Jack Hirschman

            Poetry: Something Basic for Local 87 AFL-CIO

            Poetry: The Beslan Arcane


Lynne Hjelmgaard

            Poetry: Pinked at the Tate

Anselm Hollo

            CHAPBOOK: Ancient Land Animal


Amy Hollowell

            Poetry: Today

            Poetry: Along Arapahoe


Bruce Holsapple

            Essay: A Dirty Bird in a Square Time: Whalen's Poetry


Scott Holstad

            Poetry: Hypomaniac


Coral Hull

            Poetry: Guns, Dead Goats & My Black Heart


Anthony Hunt

            Essay: Commentary on the writing of Genesis, Structure, and Meaning in Gary Snyder’s ‘Mountains and Rivers Without End’


Stefan Hyner

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Andy Jackson

            Poetry: Mantra for the target market

            Poetry: Youth group camp


JeanPaul Jenack

            Poetry: One Last Dance

            Poetry: In the Event


Halvard Johnson

            Poetry: ATM in Lobby


Pilar Erika Johnson

            Art selections in issue 1


Jill Jones

            Poetry: Elsewhere


Pierre Joris

            Five Elegies and a Meditation


Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

            Poetry: The Second Time

            Poetry: Heart Failure

            Poetry: Neither You Nor I



            Fiction: Pervasive

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Fiction: Indolence

            Fiction: Closet>          


Britta Kallevang

            from Mind


Mark Kanak

            Poetry: held up


Jonathan Kane

            Art selections in issue 9

            Art selections in issue 8

            Art selections in issue 2


Michele Kaplan

            Art selections in issue 1


Mary Kasimor

            Poetry: “location is everything”



            Poetry: Balance Is Everything Is

            Poetry: directed energy: fair

            Poetry: The Language of Power

            Poetry: open your hatch for

            Poetry: war of the future


Alan Kaufman

            Poetry: I Know How It Feels


Anthony Kaufman

            Essay: Street Films

            Essay: Erotic Foreign Film Moments


Marie Kazalia

            Poetry: Communication Pressures in Hong Kong

            Poetry: leper couple South India

            Poetry: Kowloon City

            Poetry: another lesson

            Poetry: WISDOM/REINCARNATION

            Poetry: Venus de Milo arms


Larry Kearney

            Fiction: chapter 5 of Power & Misery

            Fiction: Power & Misery, complete in .pdf


Cralan Kelder

            Poetry: Prissy Sign

            Poetry: In the Museum (girls)

            Poetry: The Geisha Exchange

            Poetry: On Using the Word 'Important' to Describe Poetry


S. K. Kelen

            Poetry: Bon Voyage

            Poetry: Down Time

            Poetry: Drafting: Don Juan in the Shopping Mall


Ward Kelley

            Fiction: from Divine Murder

            Poetry: Messiah


Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

            Elegy: elegies


Kevin Killian

            Non-fiction: What I Saw at the Orono Conference 2000


Syrie Kovitz

            Art selections in issue 9


Paul Krassner

            contribution to War Is Over


mark s. kuhar

            contribution to War Is Over

            Poetry: the blueprint for a whirling tourniquet

            Poetry: the royal order of the stoned locomotive

            Poetry: a thumbnail sketch from north of the kaleidoscope tree

            Poetry: junk angel of the evaporating night

            Poetry: what looks like a dead body from a distance is a log up close

            Poetry: you push the wheelbarrow


Donna Kuhn

            Poetry: cutlets

            Poetry: ball of fire star

            Poetry: storm system


Ryan Kuhn

            Poetry: Cairns and Basins


Tuli Kupferberg

            Song: Because the State


Joanne Kyger

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            CHAPBOOK: The Real News


Lewis LaCook

            Poetry: echo and narcissus


Mike Ladd

            Poetry: Yellow


Michael Lally

            Poetry: from March 18, 2003 (previously published by Libellum Books

A. R. Lamb

            Poetry: the bogs

            Poetry: she would wash

            Poetry: the midwife fainted

            Poetry: it's just


Tim Lane

            Poetry: Fabulous

            Poetry: Pure Pop


Michael Largo

            Fiction: The History of Flan

            Fiction: from Welcome to Miami

            Fiction: Exotic Hat

            Fiction: Garage Band

            Fiction: Papa's Gun


Bill Lavender

            Poetry: Self Portrait

            Poetry: The Plenum

            Poetry: Hay Pan

            Review: two chapbooks from 3rdness

            Review: Elegies and Vacations by Hank Lazar

Robert LaVigne

            Art selections in issue 6


Louise Landes Levi

            Poetry: from Avenue A & 9th Street

            CHAPBOOK: HO

            CHAPBOOK: The Highway Queen

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Non-fiction: The Poetics of Prayer

            Poetry: Alone

            Poetry: On the Deserted Road

            Poetry: Ferns

            Poetry: Thinking


Desmond Lewis

            Fiction: Merry Hell


Joel Lewis

            Poetry: Yes We Have No Nirvanas


Joel Lipman

            contribution to War Is Over


billy little

            Poetry: stuck his neck out

            Poetry: Feeding Them Canadians


Norman Lock

            Fiction: The City of Radiant Objects


Kimberly Lojek

            Poetry: Self Portrait in a Silk Dress


Rick London

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: elegy

            Poetry: portrait

            Poetry: paint


Brendan Lorber

            Poetry: Under the Floating Sea


John Lowther

            Review: Handbook of Inaesthetics by Alan Badiou

            Review: While Sleeping by Bill Lavender

Andrew Lundwall

            contribution to War Is Over

            Preface to Export: Writing the Midwest

            Poetry: Apparently: The Odyssey

            Poetry: Phantasy


Steve Luttrell

            Poetry: Home

            Poetry: Who Cares


Kate Lutzner

            Poetry: Asylum Avenue

            Poetry: Dutiful Girl

            Poetry: Flight


Kimberly Lyons

            Poetry: Pale White With Pale White Rings

            Poetry: Reef

            Poetry: What the Gods Do

            Poetry: Tacit


Lewis MacAdams

            CHAPBOOK: Grand Central Station


Ian McBryde

            Poetry: SS Banquet, Treblinka

            Poetry: Under Pink Triangles


Amy Evans McClure

            Art: Glimmers of India

            Art selections in issue 4


Michael McClure

            CHAPBOOK: Something of India

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            CHAPBOOK: Engravings of Snakes

            Poetry: written two days after Christmas ‘04


Erin McCluskey

            Poetry: How the Stars Are Given Names

Gretchen McCullogh

            Fiction: Hannah Chapter 1

Karyna McGlynn

            Poetry: The Rainforest Is For Dicks

            Poetry: Your Cock & Us

Duncan McNaughton

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Garlic

            Poetry: Dealing with Fruit

            Poetry: 158

            Poetry: Poem


Judith Malina

            Poetry: Editing

            Poetry: Seafood with Poets

            Poetry: I Am a Prisoner Dreaming of Escape

            Fair Warning: Why the Living Theatre is Returning to New York


Bob Malone

            Essay: The Muse Is a Bitch (But I Love Her)


George Manka

            Poetry: Spermatozoa Heaven, a translation of Henri Michaux

            Poetry: That Fresh Architecture

            Poetry: A Philosopher's Dogger


Ross Martin

            Poetry: Icetrap

            Poetry: Sitting in the Sun

            Poetry: Aphelion Done


Tim Martin

            Poetry: For What It’s Worth

            Poetry: Of Course You Realize This Means War

            Poetry: Blue State


George Mattingly

            Poetry: Ex Libris

            Poetry: Homeward Angel

            Poetry: So Real


Susan Maurer

            Poetry: Anabiosis

            Poetry: Candle: End Game


Stephen Allen May

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Bernadette Mayer

            Poetry: Skylands


Mark Mazer

            Fiction: Crosswalks

Estee Mazor

            Poetry: Novice


Bridget Meeds

            Poetry: In the New World

            Poetry: Winter Caesura


Sarah Menefee

            CHAPBOOK: All along the Tigris River bend

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: paglia


David Meltzer

            Fiction: from After

            Fiction: from Boff

            Essay: Impossible Music

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            CHAPBOOK: It Was the Bomb

            Fiction: from Lamb

            Poetry: Aliens

            Poetry: Chains


Talan Memmott

            Fiction: Charm School


Sharon Mesmer

            Fiction: Harm


Henri Michaux

            Art and Poetry: Spermatozoa Heaven


Kate Middleton

            Poetry: Last Poem

            Poetry: Letter to Melissa Ashley

            Poetry: Remembering Water


Ben Miller

            Fiction: In the Marsh

            Fiction: Two Entries


Beth Miller

            Poetry: Keep out of Direct Sunlight; Water Sparingly


William Minor

            Art and Poetry: Translations and Illustrations of Russian Poetry


Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton

            Art selections in issue 4


Michael Mohrt

            Essay: New York Revisited


Daniel Moore

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: From the Music Space


Michael Moreth

            Art selections in issue 8


Sheila E. Murphy

            Poetry: Ex-Clue

            Poetry: Extravagant Motels

            Poetry: She Is Busy Being Important

            Poetry: Ann Arbor

            Poetry: Embrace


Dennis Must

            Poetry: Scatology


Eileen Myles

            Poetry: Poem for Patsy

            Poetry: May 10th


Imola Nagy

            Poetry: Travel Log

            Poetry: Embrace

            Poetry: For Ira Cohen


Rodney Nelson

            Fiction: Gramma Sea

            Fiction: from Harvestman

            Poetry: Kloshe


Murat Nemet-Nejat

            Review: Mao and Matisse by Ed Friedman


Pablo Neruda

            Poetry: Gentleman Alone


Daniel Nester

            Poetry: Guns 'n Roses Concert, Hershey Park, 1991


ted nielsen

            Poetry: anti-romantic: a sonnet square


Andrew Nightingale

            Poetry: The Transparency of Veils

Jim Nisbet

            Fiction: Weight Less than Shadow


Pat Nolan

            Art and Poetry: Thin Wings

            Poetry: Some Tanka


Valery Oisteanu

            Poetry: Wounded Galaxies

            Poetry: Breaking the Crystals

            Poetry: Benjamin Peret


Arthur Okamura

            CHAPBOOK: People


Stephen Oliver

            Poetry: from Antiphonal


Kirby Olson

            Fiction: Dick

            Fiction: Hungry for Knowledge

            Fiction: Lisbon: Big Pleasures in a Tiny Country

            Fiction: Las Vegas – San Diego

            Essay: New York Revisited, a translation of Michael Mohrt


Kevin Opstedal

            Art selections in issue 8

            Elegy: Edward Dorn

            Elegy: Love Buzz


Eugene Ostashevsky

            Poetry: Song of the Western Slavs


Ouyang Yu

            Poetry: Advance Australia Unfair

            Poetry: Cash or Cunt

            Poetry: The Story of Ned Kelly


Shin Yu Pai

            Elegy: dog story


Claudio Parentela

            Art selections in issue 7


Frank Parker

            Poetry: He Leans Out…

            Poetry: Up Rocky Ridge…

            Poetry: Wild with Spring


Boris Pasternak

            Poetry: To Love Some Women


Andrew Peek

            Poetry: Love on Safari

            Poetry: Rastaman


Tim Peeler

            Review of Eating and Drinking by Sam Silva


Jonathan Penton

            Fiction: from Metakiller

            Review of Beat Thing by David Meltzer

            Poetry: So I


Michael Perkins

            contributions to Poetry & Eroticism

            Essay: from The Secret Record

            Fiction: from Dark Matters

            Fiction: from Evil Companions

            Poetry: The Appetite for Joy


Simon Pettet

            Poetry: Two Diptychs

            Poetry: ("There is a cruel messianic…")


Mark Phillips

            Poetry: Eleven Pieces


Wanda Phipps

            Poetry: Women, Motorcycles & Porn

            Poetry: from a journal of emotional sensation

            Poetry: the table piece

            Poetry: Radical Doubt

            Poetry: Returning

            Poetry: a fool for the breathing

            Poetry: After the Mishap

            Poetry: Womb Dreams


Cynthia Plum

            Poetry: Camouflage Carnivals

            Poetry: Reputed Legitimate Toboggan


Janine Pommy Vega

            Poetry: The Shaker

            Poetry: Witness

            Poetry: Mad Dogs of Trieste

            Poetry: Grandma

            Poetry: Heartland


David Prater

            Poetry: madchester

            Poetry: we miss you!


Mark Prejsnar

            Poetry: monosong one: unearth

            Poetry: for the Rio Shopping Center

            Poetry: etude with growth


Michael Price

            Fiction: Dirty White Interfuse

            Fiction: A First Goodbye


India Radfar

            Review of Sweet on My Lips: The Love Poems of Mirabai by Louise Landes-Levi


Jill Rapaport

            Fiction: One Summer

            Fiction: The Queen of Spain


Dan Raphael

            Poetry: The Way of the World


Pomme Ratanakanaka

            Poetry: she writes in white ink

            Poetry: leftovers


James Reidel

            Poetry: North Entrance

            Poetry: Projection onto an Ivory Comb

            Poetry: Callus Light


Hanon Reznikof

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Fair Warning: Why the Living Theatre is Returning to New York


Charles P. Ries

            Poetry: Sex for Liver

            Poetry: I Love


Randy Roark

            Fiction: from A Distant Landscape

            Review of Jack Kerouac's Nine Lives: Essays by Jim Jones


Sam E. Robinson

            Poetry: blots

            Poetry: penguins


Anna Noelle Rockwell

            Art selections in issue 2


Jerome Rothenberg

            Poetry: Three Caprichos, after Goya

            Poetry: from A Book of Concealments

            Poetry: Blessed Terror


Michael Rothenberg

            Poetry: Inside and Outside Miami

            Interview of John Suiter

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Review: Red Car Goes By: Selected Poems 1955-2000 by Jack Collom

            Review: I Used to Be Ashamed of My Striped Face by Mike Topp

            Poetry: Hawk

            Poetry: Parable of Pork

            Poetry: Red Light Message

            Poetry: June

            Poetry: Irina

            Poetry: Pigrims


Bob Rosenthal

            Poetry: Keep It Simple


Tracey Rubert

            Fiction: Film Noir


Michael Ruby

            Poetry: Paris

            Poetry: Antwerpen


Ruth Rudner

            Non-fiction: Cool Night on the River


Linda Russo

            Review of Strange Big Moon by Joanne Kyger


Miriam Sagan

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Review: Words on Poetry: Again: Poems by Joanne Kyger

            Poetry: Living in the Future

            Poetry: Refugees

            Poetry: The Meadows


Ed Sanders

            Essay: Chords of Fame liner notes

            Poetry: from America: A History in Verse


Mary Sands

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Michael Sariban

            Poetry: Roots


Tom Savage

            Poetry: Fourteenth St. Omen

            Poetry: Unsafe Conduct

            Poetry: Joan of Arc in Inner Mongolia


Jaya Savige

            Poetry: Intercession

            Poetry: Settlement


Larry Sawyer

            Introduction to An Open Letter to America

            Review: Goof Book by Philip Whalen

            Poetry: Brief Statement on The Snow Leopard

            Poetry: Dinosaur’s Lament


Leslie Scalapino

Fiction: from Dahlia's Iris—Secret Autobiography and Fiction


Andrew Schelling

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Philip Schiemann

            Poetry: No Title

            Poetry: Sponsoring

            Poetry: Me & the Sixties: Homage to the Poets of the Beat Generation


Emil Schildt

            contribution to Poetry & Eroticism


Linda Schor

            Fiction: Failure of Vision


Harris Schiff

            Poetry: Grieving Aloud


Michael Schumacher

            Non-fiction: from There But for Fortune


Gerald Schwartz

            Poetry: Springfield, Ohio

            Poetry: Seams

            Elegy: for J.K.


Maureen Seaton

            Poetry: Mantoum

            Poetry: Queen of South Beach

            Poetry: Cereal Monogamy


Richard Seibert

            Poetry: Palinode to Solipsism

            Poetry: Stigmata

            Poetry: A bag of bones

            Poetry: Eschatology

            Poetry: from Dante

            Poetry: Beauty is cheap

            Poetry: Champagne


Spencer Selby

            Art selections in issue 1


Charles Shaw

            Essay: An Open Letter to America


Andrew Shelley

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Clean

            Poetry: the miracle

            Poetry: dog days


Peter Sheridan

            Fiction: Pile


Frank Sherlock

            Elegy: for Rachel Corrie


Steve Shoemaker



Danny Shot

            Poetry: Plausible Deniability


Ron Silliman

            Poetry: from Zyxt


Sam Silva

            Fiction: Parnasus


Sandra Simonds

            Poetry: debris tarot in song parts


Mark Sink

            contribution to Poetry & Eroticism


William Slaughter

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Red Slider

            Poetry: Noguchi


Earnest Slyman

            Poetry: Donnel Library


Dale Smith

            Poetry: PostScript (Piggyville)


Roger Snell

            Poetry: The Effect


Jay Snodgrass

            Poetry: Paradise

            Poetry: Bonvoyage


Kristine Snodgrass

            Poetry: Semantics

            Poetry: Spells for Relieving Morning Sickness


alicia sometimes

            Poetry: breakfast in kreuzberg

            Poetry: dirty poet


Alan Sondheim

            Art and Poetry: Equal Time

            Poetry: theory because this is miami

            Poetry: The Moon is Waning Crescent

            Poetry: I! VOTE! FUCK BUSH!


Mark Spitzer

            Fiction: On the River with My Father


Jayne Lyn Stahl

            Poetry: For Jack Micheline


Sandy Steinman

            Poetry: Little Things


Jodiann Stevenson

            Fiction: Memoirs

            Elegy: The Best Expectations


Craig Stormont

            Interview: Vincent Ferrini: The Initiations


Chris Stroffolino

            Essay: Thoughts on Phil

            Essay: (excerpt from Radio Orphan 315-320)


Laurie Stone

            Non-fiction: Lift Off


Belinda Subraman

            Poetry: The Accidental Elephant

John Suiter

            Interviewed by Michael Rothenberg


Terese Svoboda

            Poetry: Cereal Monogamy


Patricia Sykes

            Poetry: espionage with duck

            Poetry: girl at play on the occasion of her mother's death

            Poetry: speculation on a possible disaster


A. Y. Tanaka

            Fiction: I'm Learning To Drink Coffee


ShaunAnne Tangney

            Poetry: Spring Grotesque

            Poetry: Memory / Witness / Evidence

            Poetry: Memorial

            Poetry: To Undo the Folded Lie

            Poetry: A Teacher Speaks of Soldiers

            Poetry: Your Folly, Not Theirs

            Poetry: Unmarried to Each Other


Thomas Lowe Taylor

            Poetry: from The Homages of Eagle

Lakey Teasdale

            Poetry: Red Rover

            Poetry: from Distance of Sea extended. Virginia: compare by measure of weight

            Poetry: The Rueful Morgue


Susan Terris

            Poetry: Burnout Woman & Man of Grass

            Poetry: When Pistachios Rain from the Sky

Terry Tierney

            Fiction: Joining the Circus


Mike Topp

            Poetry: Empire with Log

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Gentleman Alone

            Poetry: Movies

            Review of American Beauty

            Poetry: Orientalism

            Poetry: Six Short Stories & Seven Short Poems


John Tranter

            Poetry: Festival


Tony Trigilio

            Elegy: for a Poet


Amy Trussell

            Poetry: Cross a Long Bridge


John Tyson

            Poetry: from even in partial darkness 


Fyodor Tyutchev

            Poetry: Silentium


Roberto Valenza

            Poetry: Buying a Walking Stick in Puri

            Poetry: In the Blood Coverage

            Poetry: November 7th Scorpion


Laura Valeri

            Poetry: Threesome


Joel Van Noord

            Poetry: Impetus


Gautam Verma

            Elegy: Reflect

Michael J. Vaughn

            Fiction: Dealt

Stephen Vincent

            Elegy: Elegy in Red


Lina ramona Vitkauskas

            Poetry: Your Mark On The World

            Poetry: Separately: Tradition F

            Poetry: I Write from Your Ambla


Diane Wald

            Fiction: a blockbuster thriller of melody and desire


Anne Waldman

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Essay: War Crime


Lewis Warsh

            Poetry: Milton Street

            Poetry: Love (With Seeing Eyes)


Eddie Watkins

            Poetry: Skirting Boundary

            Poetry: Woman Putting on Pearls

            Poetry: Posthumous Masterpiece


Carl Watson

            Fiction: Feel the Pain

            Fiction: On Killing Scrim


Joel Weishaus

            Art: Come Here Leave Me Alone

            Journal: Forest Park  

            Elegy: What Ever Became of Gilbert Stone?


Lawrence Welsh

            Poetry: Preparing for Maximus            Poetry: Shotgun/Corn Liquor            Poetry: Voodoo StorePhilip Whalen

            CHAPBOOK: Mark Other Place


Nick Whittock

            Poetry: Test


George Widener

            Art selections in issue 2


John Wieners

            Poetry: Lisbon Indian Summer


Ian Randall Wilson

            Fiction: Cassandra And Her Friends Are Performing

            Elegy: Beside My Father


AD Winans

            Poetry: Made in the U.S.A.


Suzi Winson

            Fiction: Something Gross


Michael Winter

            Poetry: 4 Quarters & Sudden Death

            Poetry: H.

            Poetry: I Browse

            Poetry: Rag

            Poetry: Thinking of Something to Say

            Poetry: Yellowjacket

            Poetry: Cut

            Poetry: Walking the Dog

            Poetry: Walking the Dog #2


Brian Thao Worra

            Poetry: Song for a Sansei


Ginny Wray

            Poetry: Miami Beach Christmas, 1955


Karl Young

            Review: Beat Thing by David Meltzer

Mark Young

            Poetry: The Collected Shorter Poems of Kenneth Rexroth

            Poetry: Serendipity


Greg Zimmerman

            Poetry: (I Love You)

            Poetry: Overheard


Nina Zivancevic

            Interview of Jean Baudrillard

            Poetry: The Queen Comes to Our City

            Poetry: Judith Malina's Eyes