Larry Sawyer, Contributing Editor

Larry Sawyer/poet, editor, critic—as past editor of Nexus magazine published the well-respected work of Judith Malina, Charles Henri Ford, John Brandi, Cid Corman, Frank Lima, Jack Hirschman, Jud Yalkut, Tom Walker, Nina Zivancevic, Hanon Reznikov, Hakim Bey, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allan Graubard, Paul Grillo, Paul Violi, Mohammed Mrabet, Paul Bowles, Michael Castro, Angus MacLise, Lionel Ziprin, Tetsuya Taguchi, Andy Warhol, A.D. Winans, Harold Norse, Edward Field, Timothy Baum, Daniel Abd Al-Hayy Moore, Indra Tamang, Sparrow, Ken Haponek, Matt Gould, Ron Padgett, thurston moore, Michael Haeflinger, Ron Loewinsohn; and representations of the art of Max Ernst, Valentine Hugo, Victor Brauner, Raoul Ubac, Marcel Jean, Yves Tanguy, Andre Breton, Brion Gysin, Ira Cohen, Anthony Wall, Jack Micheline, Ronnie Burk, Robert LaVigne and many others. Nexus Volume 33, No. 3 was placed in The Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur, California, and the "Moroccan issue" (Vol. 33, No. 2) was included in an exhibit of North African writing at the L'Institut du Monde Arabe, in Paris, France and then placed in their permanent collection.

Currently, as editor of milk magazine, located at Sawyer has published the work of Bill Berkson, Harry Smith, Wanda Coleman, Thurston Moore, AD Winans, Mike Topp, Janine Pommy Vega, Jack Anderson, Hoa Nguyen, Anselm Berrigan, Frank Kuenstler, Spencer Selby, John Perreault, Sheila E. Murphy, Jerome Rothenberg, Red Slider, Aaron Belz, JJ Blickstein, Ron Padgett, Richard Kostelanetz, Todd Colby, Linh Dinh, Vincent Katz, Bill Allegrezza, Dale Smith, Michael Rothenberg, Chris Stroffolino, William Levy, Krista Franklin, Brenda Iijima, Charles Bernstein, Nicole Tomlinson, Tom Clark, Daniel Nester, Edwin Denby, Rodrigo Toscano, Michael McClure, Judith Malina, Clayton Eshleman and many others.

Sawyer's work has appeared in Shamanic Warriors, Now Poets (JN Reilly, Scotland) alongside the work of Hans Plomp, Simon Vinkenoog, Angus MacLise, Rodrigo Rey Rosa, William S. Burroughs, Will Alexander, Patti Smith, Jon Hassell, Diane Di Prima, and Mati Klarwein, plus periodicals including: The Prague Literary Review, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Outlaw (UK), Mad Love (Miami Sun-Post, Miami, FL), Skid Row Penthouse, Paper Tiger (Australia), Tabacaria (Portugal), Big Bridge, HUNGER, Ygdrasil, Skanky Possum, Jacket, Exquisite Corpse, Readme, Aught, The Butcher's Block, Moria, Nexus, NY Arts Magazine, 5_Trope, Cipher Journal, RANGE, can we have our ball back?, Shampoo, Muse Apprentice Guild, WORD/ for Word, Loop, Snow Monkey, La Petite Zine, ambulant, Eildon Tree, Poems-For-All, Tin Lustre Mobile, Pitchfork, Versal (Holland), Van Gogh's Ear (France), The East Village, and elsewhere.