William Allegrezza teaches and writes from his base in Chicago. His poems, translations, essays, and reviews have been published in several countries, including the U.S., Holland, Finland, and Australia, and are available in many online journals. His chapbook lingo was published by subontic press and his e-book Temporal Nomads can be downloaded from xPress(ed). Also, he is the editor of moria, a journal dedicated to experimental poetry and poetics.

mIEKAL aND is a longtime DIY cultural anarchist & the creator of an infoplex worth of visual-verbal lit, audio-art, performance ritual & hypermedia for the Macintosh, all distributed by Xexoxial Editions. His hypermedia works reside at JOGLARS Crossmedia Broadcast. Recent work has focused on activating online collaborative workspaces where writers & media artists can create collective digital works in a real time environment. Since 1991, he has made his home at Dreamtime Village, a hypermedia / permaculture village project, located in the driftless bioregion of southwestern Wisconsin. And devotes much time to creating edible wilderness indoors & out, growing such things as figs, citrus, cherries, grapes & chestnuts. 1998 marked the creation of THE DRIFTLESS GROTTO OF WEST LIMA, a permanent public grotto/park/installation which when finished will feature a bird-operated time machine in a 25 ft blue glass tower.

Petra Backonja lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She has work in Word For/Word, Sleeping Fish, Xstream, Phoebe, Generator, etc. Her e-book "io not io" was published by Poetic Inhalation in 2004.

Micah Ballard is 29 years old & is from Louisiana. Besides having poems appear in a variety of publications, recent books include: Bettina Coffin (Red Ant Press), Scenes from the Saragossa Manuscript (Snag Press), In the Kindness of Night (Blue Press), Emblematic (Old Gold), & Negative Capability in the Verse of John Wieners (Auguste Press). As of late, he continues to direct the Humanities B.A. Program at New College of California & is currently working on a book of collaborations entitled Death Race V.S.O.P.
Anny Ballardini’s work has appeared on the following sites: texfiles by Chris Murray; Muse Apprentice Guild by August Highland; Artisanitorium by Jim Rovira; Colloquium; nycbigcitylit; Poiein by Gianmario Lucini; Niederngasse by Paquale Capocasa; Unesco; Poets against the War; Dialogue Poetry Org by Ram Devineni; This is by Birgitta Jonsdottir; Wild Honey Press by Randolph Healy; The Drunken Boat by Rebecca Seiferle under the Poetryetc Project; Watermark – a poet’s notebook by Sharon Brogan.

She lives in Bozen, South Tyrol, Italy, and is the curator of the Poets’ Corner: supported by the local Pedagogical Institute on the site:

Among the many translations to be mentioned are the following: “In_Ri” by Henry Gould, “swimming through water” by G. Wallace, “On the trail of words", book for children by Larry Jaffe, “The Renaissance of the Self”; and of the “Notebook of Positano” by Arturo Onofri, "Smokestacks Allegro" by Rita Cominolli, and “Metaphysical Reference” by Kenneth Hirst. Her journal is at

The powers of poetry were bestowed to David Baratier at a young age in a macabre ceremony which involved wearing a wreath of branches. Shortly thereafter he became a full time poet. He & his fine lady Rita, a former model, who appeared in films including Traffic, live in the deep south end of Columbus with their newborn daughter, Beatrix, who they protect from their catty corner neighbor’s roosters. He has given featured readings at St Mark’s Poetry Project, Univ of Pittsburgh, DC Arts Center, Small Press Traffic and others. He is the editor of Pavement Saw Press.

John Beer's poems and essays have appeared in Barrow Street, Bridge, the Chicago Review, Chicago Tribune, Crowd, Milk, Verse, Xantippe, and the Syracuse Post-Standard. He is co-curator of the Danny's Reading Series in Chicago, and a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy and social thought at the University of Chicago.
Franco Beltrametti: Born October 7. 1937 in Locarno, Switzerland. Studied architecture in Zürich. In 1965 he leaves on the Siberian Express for Japan, where he meets Gary Snyder, Cid Corman & Philip Whalen among others. In the spring of 1967 he arrives on board of the freight ship Washington Bear on the American West Coast for the first time. Here he meets Jim Koller, Joanne Kyger, Lew Welch & many others. In the 70. he plays a decisive role in bringing these poets to Europa, first by including them in many anthologies then published mainly in Italy, & later by inviting them to participate in the One World Poetry festivals held in Venice & Amsterdam late in that decade. Until his unexpected death on August 25. 1995 Franco kept a close contact between the two continents & its poets. His autobiography was published in Volume 13 of Contemporary Authors, Gale Research Inc. Detroit & London 1991. California Totem was written in 1974 when Franco had returned to California & was building his house in the Sierra Nevada in the neighborhood of Gary Snyder, Dick Baker, Allen Ginsberg & Steve Sanfield. These poems allow a look at the myths of this moment: Gertrude Stein, Jack Spicer, Jaime de Angulo, Condor, Coyote & the Fur-She-Watermelon are part of a creation myth in which the forming of a microcosm serves to show the creation of the whole world. California Totem is the first volume in a series co-published by the Fondazione Franco Beltrametti & Stadtlichter Presse that aims at releasing Franco’s works in English & German translations. Volume Two, Nadamas, a novel from the 60., was published in September 2004. More information can be found at or at

John M. Bennett has published over 200 books and chapbooks of poetry and other materials. Among the most recent are rOlling COMBers (Potes & Poets Press), Mailer Leaves Ham (Pantograph Press), Loose Watch (Invisible Press), Chac Prostibulario (with Ivan Arguelles; Pavement Saw Press), Historietas Alfabeticas (Luna Bisonte Prods), Public Cube (Luna Bisonte Prods), and The Peel (Anabasis Press). He has published, exhibited and performed his word art and visual poetry worldwide in thousands of publications and venues. He is editor of Lost and Found Times, and Curator of the Avant Writing Collection at The Ohio State University Libraries.

F.J. Bergmann is mostly from Wisconsin. She has had work in the Beloit Poetry Journal, Blue Fifth Review, Margie, the North American Review, RealPoetik, and Wind. In 2003, she received the Mary Roberts Rinehart National Poetry Award and her manuscript Sauce Robert was a co-winner in the Pavement Saw chapbook competition. In 2004, she won the Pauline Ellis Prose Poetry Prize. She maintains, a Madison, WI based poetry resource website, as well as her own site,

Bill Berkson's most recent books are The Sweet Singer of Modernism & Other Art Writings (Qua Books, 2004), Fugue State and Serenade (Zoland, 2001 and 2002), and Hymns of St. Bridget & other Collaborations, with Frank O'Hara (The Owl Press, 2003) -- all of which are available at

Charles Bernstein/Shadowtime, an opera in & around Walter Benjamin, with music by Brian Ferneyhough, for which Charles Bernstein wrote the libretto, plays at the Lincoln Center Festival July 21-23, 2005; the libretto is forthcoming this Spring from Green Integer. Links to recent on-line work at Bernstein teaches at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is coeditor of
After another day of dropping below the story line, Jennifer Birkett takes a break from playing solitaire. She hopes to get a cell phone someday soon.
John Bloomberg-Rissman says: "Born in Chicago, I’ve lived in California since 1960. “When I was 17 an ancient poet ghost copped my bones for his own small clear light melodies” – to mess up a quotation of an old poem. I have a website ( where I post my stuff; I call it Zeitgeist Spam. I’m Humanities Bibliographer for the University of California, Riverside. That means they pay me to buy books."

Kristy Bowen’s work has appeared in a number of publications, including Small Spiral Notebook, Stirring, and Poems Niederngasse.

She is the author of two chapbooks, Bloody Mary and The Archaeologist’s Daughter, and a hypertext collection, lattitudes. A two-time Pushcart nominee, Bowen was recently awarded first place in The Poetry Center of Chicago’s 10th Annual Juried Reading Competition. A poet and text/collage artist, she has read, performed, and exhibited her work at a number of bookstores, libraries, galleries, bars/cafes, and festivals.

She lives in Chicago, where she edits the online journal Wicked Alice, and is the founder of Dancing Girl Press, devoted to publishing work by women poets. Her website is

James Brook is a poet, translator, and editor living in San Francisco. He was the principal editor of two anthologies, Resisting the Virtual Life and Reclaiming San Francisco; his translations include My Tired Father by Gellu Naum, Still the Two of Us by Henri Michaux, I Want No Part in It by Benjamin Péret, Resistance by Victor Serge, The Prone Gunman by Jean-Patrick Manchette (City Lights, 2002), and Panegyric by Guy Debord (Verso, 2004). His poems have appeared in Montana Gothic, Rejection, Blind Date, The Exquisite Corpse, City Lights Review, Pharos, Mudlark, RealPoetik, Poésie, and other journals.

My name is Christina Butcher, and I have just turned eighteen today (my birthday is 9/29/86). I live in a small, almost invisible town in New Mexico called Chaparral, and my family takes pride in the harvesting of dirt (it grows…). I am heavily influenced by the poets of the Beat Generation, although I try very hard to create my own, unique style. I am currently enrolled in high school, and will be graduating next spring. Poetry allows me to be heard, a voice without limitations that I feel gives me an outlet for emotions that would lay dormant otherwise. I come from a great family that supports me through thick and thin, and I hope to continue to live through poetry, literature, and creative writing.

Mairéad Byrne’s book of poetry Nelson & The Huruburu Bird was published by Randolph Healy’s Wild Honey Press in 2003. Wild Honey also published her poem The Pillar as a chapbook in 2000. China Dogs, an e-book, was published by Poetic Inhalation in 2004 (; a chapbook, An Educated Heart, is forthcoming from Palm Press. She is the author of two plays, The Golden Hair and Safe Home, a short book about James Joyce, Joyce—A Clew, two books of interviews with Irish artists, Eithne Jordan and Michael Mulcahy, and a great deal of journalism in Ireland and the United States. Mairéad Byrne teaches poetry at Rhode Island School of Design and will be reading soon at a venue near you—if you ask her. Check out Photo by Sina Queyras.
Terri Carrion was conceived in Venezuela, born in New York, raised in Los Angeles and currently lives in Hollywood, Florida.

Terri is the Director of the Writer's Abroad program at Florida International University.

Robin Chapman's book The Way In (Tebot Bach) won the Posner Poetry Award. Her recent chapbooks include The Only Everglades in the World (Parallel Press), Arborvitae (Juniper Press), and Once (JuniperPress). Her poems have appeared in The American Scholar, Appalachia, The Hudson Review, OnEarth, and Poetry, among other journals. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Photo courtesy of Karen Updike.

Neeli Cherkovski's latest book of poetry is Leaning Against Time (R. L. Crow Publications, 2005) and a monograph, Naming the Nameless (Sore Dove Press, San Francisco). A selected poems will be published in Mexico late in 2005. He is also the author of Animal and Elegy for Bob Kaufman. His book of critical memoirs, Whitman's Wild Children is published by Steerforth Press. He is writer in residence at New College of Californnia in San Francisco.
  Ira Cohen can be studied extensively at his Big Bridge tribute page.
john colagrande jr. is a monkey, not a sea lion. when all out of bananas he has been known to appear in town. he has been seen at the food stamp office, the market, and at the library checking his e-mail. contact him at
Jeff Conant is a poet, essayist, occasional journalist and activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His translation, Wind in the Blood: Mayan Healing and Chinese Medicine, was published by North Atlantic Books in 2000 and a collection of poems, The Evacuated Forest Papers, is available from Buck Downs Books. Recent work is appearing in LiP Magazine, Twenty Six, Mirage/Period(ical), Newtopia Magazine, Tripwire and in the books Confronting Capitalism, We Are Everywhere, and Dam Nation: Dispatches from The Water Underground. He is currently developing popular education materials on environmental health for the Hesperian Foundation (from which work blossomed forth the poems in this issue) doing occasional reporting for the National Radio Project, and tending his garden.
K.R. Copeland is a frequently published Chicago poet/digital photographer. Her written work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications such as Stirring, The Muse Apprentice Guild, Sidereality, Cranky, Triplopia, Wicked Alice and Swivel. Her photos have made it into Lily, Rock Salt Plum and Ken*Again. K.R. is also one of two judges for the ongoing Beginnings Magazine poetry competitions. Her first chapbook, "Anatomically Correct" is slated for release, Spring 2005, through Dancing Girl Press.
Bruce Covey is Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at Emory University and author of three collections of poetry—The Greek Gods as Telephone Wires, Ten Pins, Ten Frames, and the forthcoming Glass Is Really a Liquid—all from Front Room Publishers. His work also appears in Jacket, Explosive Magazine, Shampoo, MiPo, can we have our ball back?, CrossConnect, Aught, Xcp, Word For/Word, and other journals.

Ray Craig says: "I was born in Tokyo and currently resides in San Bruno, California. When I am not writing, I have also been devoting my free time drawing chairs and aliens disguised as folded shirts.

  Garin Cycholl teaches writing and literature at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he also works as co-editor of Near South, a journal of experimental poetry, fiction, and drama. His recent work has appeared with Exquisite Corpse and New American Writing, and some of his recent collaborative work with poets Bill Allegrezza and Andrew Lundwall appeared with Textbase and Tin Lustre Mobile. Blue Mound to 161, his book-length poem on geological and historical displacements in Southern Illinois, will be available from Pavement Saw Press in 2004.

Peter Gannushkin / DOWNTOWNMUSIC.NET
steven dalachinsky born in brooklyn after the last big war has survived many little wars. his work appears regularly in journals on and off line. his most recent books include trial and error in paris (loudmouth collective press), in glorious black and white ( ugly duckling press), race poems w/ nathaniel farrell (collages only) (ugly duckling press) and the soon to be released trust fund babies ( pitchfork press) and poems for laureamont ( furniture press). his is included the much praised anthology The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry as well as in beat indeed and others. his cds include incomplete directions, i thought it was the end of the world and pray for me.
     he is, he hopes, steven dalachinsky and no one else.
Maria Damon teaches poetry and poetics at the University of Minnesota. She is the author of The Dark End of the Street: Margins in American Vanguard Poetry, and co-author (with Betsy Franco) of The Secret Life of Words, (with mIEKAL aND) of Literature Nation and e.n.t.r.a.n.c.e.d.

Larry O. Dean is a recent recipient of the Hands on Stanzas Gwendolyn Brooks Award, presented by the Poetry Center of Chicago.

He was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. As a young man he worked with Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Michael Moore, was widely published in the alternative press and also worked as a cartoonist. He attended the University of Michigan at Flint and Ann Arbor, during which time he won three Hopwood Awards in Creative Writing.

In addition to writing, he is a singer and songwriter, working both solo as well as with several pop bands. He has released numerous CD’s, including Fables in Slang (2001) with Post Office, and Gentrification is Theft (2002) with The Me Decade.

He is author of many chapbooks, including, most recently, I Am Spam (2004), a series of poems “inspired” by spam email. His work has appeared extensively in many lit. journals, including The Berkeley Poetry Review, Gryphon, The Altered Mind, Lilliput Review, Strong Coffee.

After living in San Francisco for over a decade, he makes his home in Chicago. Check out

Martha L. Deed is a retired psychologist who fulminates on the north shore of the Erie Canal in North Tonawanda, NY. Current politics and the state of her house provide much fodder for her ruminations in these parlous times. She even won $200 for her poem "Illegal Entry" which is a send-up of the Homeland Security Act. Recent publications include, Gypsy, Moria, nthposition's Poems for Madrid, and she is #9 in Furniture Press's PO25centsEM series. She doesn't know what she would write about if the world were a nicer place. E-mail Martha's website with links to recent work:
Helyn Dell is a native and resident of Columbus, Ohio. She says that she “writes to order chaos”.
Pamela Dewey has had solo exhibitions in Mountain View, CA, Hurleyville, NY, and New York City. She has been in group exhibitions in Wakefield, RI, Washington, D.C., Merrick, NY, Williamsburg, NY, Bronx, NY, and throughout New York City. Her art has been published in Horizons (Blue Press), Heavy Water (Surf Donkey), Jacket Magazine, Spirit Capture, and by Smithsonian Press, MIT Press, and Cornell Press. She has curated shows at the New York Historical Society, the National Museum of the American Indian, the Rosenberg Gallery, the 494 Gallery, and New York University.
John Doe was born in Decatur, Ill. He records & tours as a solo artist, plays in the punk rock band X and has appeared in over 30 films. He currently lives with his wife & three daughters in Lockwood Valley, CA.
José Manuel dos Santos Cross was born in Ilhavo, Portugal, in 1927 and came to the U. S. in 1936, where he finished grade school in Alameda, California, and attended high school in Patterson, California, while working for, and living with, relatives on a dairy ranch.

He joined the Merchant Marine in 1944, during World War II, and returned to civilian life in 1947. That same year, he enrolled as a student at California College of Arts and Crafts. After one and a half years of formal training, he left to pursue independent studies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1954 he traveled to Mexico, where he studied the Mexican muralists and painters.

In 1956 he enrolled in an evening class in life drawing, at the Berkeley High School, California, Adult Education Program. e worked continuously in the media of oil painting and drawing (with pen & ink, charcoal, and pencil), while earning a living in the East Bay and the San Joaquin Valley. In 1957 he began working in the field of sculpture and, in 1960, added the media of collage, assemblage and construction. In 1958 he began exhibiting his work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and, in 1961-62, in the Los Angeles Area. He taught wood sculpting at the studio of the associated students of U. C. Student Union, in 1961, in Berkeley. He moved to Mendocino, California, in 1963, working as a carpenter, building his own house, and continuing sporadically with drawing and sculpting.

From 1988 his involvement with art increased progressively, with a significant increase in output which continued during his construction of his studio from 1993 to 1997, after which, he has worked full time in sculpture, drawing and assemblage.

Maggie Dubris is a writer and musician who lives in New York City. She worked for many years as a 911 paramedic, and is the author of Weep Not, My Wanton (Black Sparrow Press, 2002) and Skels, which has just been released by Soft Skull Press. Her website is

Stacey Duff's poems have appeared in Skanky Possum, 5_Trope, Milk, and Octopus. He lives in Beijing and remains mostly sober.
Mark DuCharme is the author of two collections of poetry, Infinity Subsections (Meeting Eyes Bindery, 2004) and Cosmopolitan Tremble (Pavement Saw Press, 2002). His poetry and poetics essays have appeared widely, and have recently been published or are forthcoming in Canwehaveourballback, Cipher Journal, Fulcrum, Los Angeles Review, Shampoo, Shiny, Traverse, -VeRT and Word for/Word. He'll be on the faculty of the Summer Writing Program at Naropa University in July, 2005. Write him at
Cyrill Duneau:11 september 1972, french, male, caucasian
blog at
Jeffrey Encke has recently published Most Wanted: A Gamble in Verse, a deck of playing cards featuring excerpts of love letters written to Saddam Hussein and other war criminals, available at His poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming from Barrow Street, Black Warrior Review, Colorado Review, Octopus Magazine, Salt Hill, 3rd Bed, and Quarterly West, among others.
Patricia Christina Engel is Colombian-American and lived in New York and Paris before moving to Miami. She graduated from NYU with a degree in French and Art History, and currently attends the MFA program at Florida International University. Her work has appeared in Black Book Magazine and she has published a collection of short stories. She is at work on a novel as well as another short story collection.
Robert Klein Engler lives in Chicago and New Orleans. His poems and stories have appeared in Borderlands, Evergreen Chronicles, Christopher Street, The James White Review, American Letters and Commentary, Literal Lattè, and many other magazines and journals. His books of poetry, One Hundred Poems and Medicine Signs, are published by Alphabeta Press. He was the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Literary Award for his poem Three Poems for Kabbalah, which appeared in Fish Stories Collective 2, and Flower Festival at Genzano which appeared in Whetstone. His drawings appear in Black Elvis, Rio, and elsewhere.
Clayton Eshleman's most recent books are My Devotion (Black Sparrow Press, 2004), Juniper Fuse: Upper Paleolithic Imagination & the Construction of the Underworld (Wesleyan, 2003), Companion Spider (Wesleyan, 2002), Notebook of a Return to the Native Land (Translation of Aime Cesaire, Wesleyan, 2001), and Trilce (Translation of Cesar Vallejo, Wesleyan, 2000). Each June for seven years his wife Caryl and he have led a tour to the ice age painted and engraved caves of southern France sponsored by the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota. CE is Professor Emeritus from Eastern Michigan University and continues to live in Ypsilanti. His website is:
Tom Ferguson is an Atlanta Painter & Political Cartoonist. He utilizes the cartoon as a form of activism which he supplements with involvement in the anti-nuke, peace & justice/environmental movements. His paintings deal with aesthetic issues though the occasional political tirade does find itself embedded in a passage of color. More paintings and cartoons can be found at and
Steve Finbow lives in London. His fiction, essays, short plays, poetry, and stuff can be found in 3am Magazine, Dicey Brown, Eyeshot, The Guardian Online, InkPot, Locus Novus, McSweeney’s, Pindeldyboz, Über, Word Riot, Xtant, and Yankee Pot Roast. He writes the bi-weekly column Pond Scum for Me Three. He is currently working on a novel. (Yeah, right).

Skip Fox lived for many years in Bowling Green, OH. He has published several volumes of poetry, including What Of (Potes & Poets) and Adventures of Max and Maxine (Auguste). His work is included in Another South: Experimental Writing in the South (U of Alabama). He has been published by such magazines as Jacket, Talisman, and Exquisite Corpse.

Vernon Frazer’s poetry and fiction have appeared in Café Review, First Intensity, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Massacre, Moria, Shampoo, Sidereality and many other literary magazines. He has written six books of poetry. He introduced his longpoem, IMPROVISATIONS (I-XXIV), at The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church in Manhattan. Frazer has produced five recordings of poetry with free jazz accompaniment and appeared on several recordings with the late jazz saxophonist Thomas Chapin, including their duo release, Song of Baobab. Frazer’s collection of short fiction, finished as a finalist in the 1996 Black Ice/FC2 Fiction Contest. His most recent novel is Relic’s Reunions. He recently finished editing an anthology of Post-Beat poetry for publication in the People’s Republic of China. IMPROVISATIONS (XXV-L), the next sequence of the Improvisations series, and Commercial Fiction, a novel, are Frazer’s newest publications.
Daniel Gallik has seen his poetry and short stories published by Hawaii Review, A.I.M. (America’s Intercultural Magazine), parabola, nimrod, limestone (University of Kentucky), the hiram poetry review, aura (University of Alabama), and whiskey island (Cleveland State University). His first novel, A Story Of Dumb Fate, is being published this fall by PublishAmerica. The story is told in first person about a child with disabilities who is mis-handled in the Buckeye section of Cleveland in the fifties.
Gwynne Garfinkle lives in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in such publications as How2, Clean Sheets and Exquisite Corpse. She is currently studying fiction and poetry in the MFA program at Antioch University.

Caroline Gauger is a native of Toledo, OH and currently attends school in Adrian, MI. She has been writing poetry for about four years and just returned from a newspaper internship in Co. Cork, Ireland.
Michael K. Gause currently lives in MN. His writing can be found in publications such as BigCity Lit, Half Drunk Muse, Red River Review, Taj Mahal Revue (India), Poems Niederngasse (Belgium), Poetism, Slow Trains, among others. He has created, hosted, and participated in reading events in the Twin Cities, but prefers reading and writing in the corner of his favorite bar. His first self-published chapbook is The Tequila Chronicles. He is currently finishing two full length works and is collaborating with poet/novelist Dylan Garcia-Wahl on DIVE!, a cable access television program focused on the arts. Check out his web page at Photo by Shelly Culver.
Alex Gildzen grew up in Elyria, Ohio where he began writing poetry at the age of 12. After a half century in the midwest he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he still writes about growing up in Elyria. Photo Courtesy of B. Ockert.
Michael Gizzi's most recent books are No Both and My Terza Rima, both from the Figures. He is the editor of Qua Books and lives in Providence

Jesse Glass' big midwest adventure began in 1980 and ended in 1992, when he kicked the dust of America off his bootsoles, boarded a plane and lit out for Nagasaki prefecture, Japan. Witnesses say a black cloud trailed the plane over the horizon. Glass doesn't know, because he never looked back. He currently lives on the outskirts of Tokyo, a stone's throw away from Disneyland, which he occasionally visits when he gets homesick for an America that never was. He is the blogger in chief at His work can be found in Visiting Walt, from the University of Iowa Press, and on the Internet at Ubuweb, Golden Handcuffs Review, and one zillion other places. He is currently at work on a book of selected poems due out from West House Press this year. He is the proud husband of Maya Glass, and he regularly dotes on his son Yoichi (7) and his daughter Tennessee, who, at 2 years old, writes, sings, paints, and dances.
Allan Graubard’s poems appeared in the recent Shamanic Warriors, Now Poets (edited by Ira Cohen and J.N. Reilly) and Celestial Graffiti (edited by Ira Cohen). His play, For Alejandra, on the suicide of poet Alejandra Pizarnik, was last performed at the Sibiu International Theater Festival, Romania, summer 2003, with publication and a national radio broadcast, after its premiere in New York and runs in Washington, DC, and Dubrovnik. In 2005, Green Integer Press will publish his adaptation of Gellu Naum’s play, The Taus Watch Repair Shop, in collaboration with translator Sasha Vlad. Previous translations include Vlado Gotovac: Selected Poems (The Most/The Bridge, Zagreb), and King Gordogan, by Radovan Ivsic (P.E.N. Center, Zagreb). He has read at Beyond Baroque (Venice, California), Zebulon (NY), Museum of Contemporary Arts (Washington, DC), and a host of other places. Photo by Ira Cohen.
Kendra Dwellley Guimaraes no longer lives by the ocean in Bahia, Brazil. She now lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California where she teaches English at Lake Tahoe Community College and writes. "Bonitas" is from an unpublished collection of short stories called Mermaids and Fish Scales.

Hammond Guthrie: Author, abstract painter, and Editor: The 3rd Page - Journal of Ongrowing Natures
currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and his cat.

The artist found his footing in the underground community when during the 60s and 70s he collaborated with a number of luminaries, including Del Close; former director of The Committee and Second City theaters, Philo T. Farnsworth III; son of the inventor of television, artists; Liam O'Gallagher, William Burroughs, John 'Hoppy' Hopkins ; co-founder of IT (International Times), London, and Robert Jasper Grootveld; mentor for the Provos in Amsterdam.

Book In Print: AsEverWas.. memoirs of a beat survivor, SAF Publishing

Books Out of Print: Electron Arabic, 12 Drawings Limited Ed. 200 signed/#; Ginger Snaps, co-ed - Michael Gibbs, Kontext Press, Exeter, UK; Urban Disintegration..codex, Bettiscomb Press, Dorset, UK; Belfast Insert, Expanded Media Editions, Bonn, Germany

Jeff Harrison says: My poetry collection Fickleyes, Futilears, & William Wormswork is available from MAG Press. My poetry has appeared in Nerve Lantern, Sentence, XStream, Muse Apprentice Guild, Moria, Poethia, VeRT, BlazeVox, Word for Word, Xerography, Blackbox, Masthead, Side Reality, XPress(ed), Generator, Tin Lustre Mobile, Znine, Eratio, A Chide's Alphabet, 5_Trope, The Dream People, Aught, Blackboard Project, Cipher Journal, Newtopia, Pettycoat Relaxer, Great Works, canwehaveourballback, Gypsy, Kichen Sink, and Cranky.

Michael Hettich holds a Ph.D in English and American literature from the University of Miami. Since 1990 he has taught composition, creative writing, and literature at M-DCC (Wolfson). In 1987 he was awarded the Mac Smith Endowed Teaching Chair. He is the author of eight collections of poetry.
jack hirschman has just published bi-lingual editions of his arcanes in both france and italy translated by gilles b. vachon and raffaella marzano, respectively. he lives in san francisco and in europe. he was born in 1933 in The Bronx.
Lynne Hjelmgaard was born in New York City. She lived and traveled for many years with her family on a sailboat and now divides her time between London, Paris and Rørvig, Denmark. She has been Assistant Editor of Pharos Magazine and Contributing Editor to Tears in the Fence. Her work has appeared in various journals including Dispatch Detroit, Poetry Salzburg Review, Jacket, Lungfull! and is forthcoming in Skanky Possum and Her book, Manhattan Sonnets, was published last fall by Redbeck Press in the United Kingdom.

Anthony Hunt is a retired Professor of English and Editorial Consultant at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez.


Pierre Joris & son Miles. Albany, summer 2003.
Poet, translator & essayist Pierre Joris left Luxembourg at age 19 & has since lived in the U.S., Great Britain, North Africa, and France. Rain Taxi praised his most recent collection, Poasis: Selected Poems 1986-1999, for "its physical, philosophical delight in words and their reverberations." in 2003 Wesleyan U.P. published his collection of essays A Nomad Poetics. His recent translations include 4x1: Work by Tristan Tzara, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jean-Pierre Duprey & Habib, Tengour, and Abdelwahab Meddeb's The Malady of Islam. With Jerome Rothenberg he edited the award-winning anthologies Poems for the Millennium and, just out from Exact Change, Pablo Picasso, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz & Other Poems. In late 2004 Green Integer will reissue three volumes of his translations of Paul Celan: Breathturn, Threadsuns and Lightduress and University of California Press will bring out his Paul Celan: Selections.

He often performs his work in collaboration with vocalist & visual artist Nicole Peyrafitte, most recently touring their multimedia show SumericaBachbones throughout Europe & the US. He currently teaches poetry and poetics at SUNY-Albany. During fall 2003 he was Berlin Prize Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin. Visit Pierre Joris's website at
Mark Kanak is a German-English translator/radioplay author/noisemaker splitting time between Berlin and Chicago. His poetry and translations have been published in various journals in both Germany & the US and he's currently working on various ars acustica projects with Fritz Noble of Strangulated Beatoffs (Skingraft). His recent work can/will be found in Prague Literary Review, Pom2, nthposition, Generator, The Ugly Tree, Poetic Inhalation (e-book), and traverse (upcoming).
Mary Kasimor is from Minnesota, and although she has lived in other places, she has always returned to Minnesota. She was once proud of Minesota's progressive politics...

Her work has been published in many literary journals, including moria, Cross-Cultural Poetics, Aught, Gutcult, Nerve Lantern, Word/For Word, poetic inhalation, and Volt, among others.

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Marie Kazalia was born in Toledo, Ohio but has lived her adult life primarily on the West Coast and in San Francisco, with the exception of 4 expatriate years in the Asian countries of Japan, India and China. Marie has a BFA degree from California College of Arts and Crafts. Marie Kazalia’s book of poems titled Erratic Sleep in a Cold Hotel published by Phony Lid Books, in two editions--ISBN: 0-9676660-0-7 & ISBN: 1-930935-15-3. Marie Kazalia also has two mini-chapbooks published by and available from CC Marimbo, PO Box 933, Berkeley, CA 94701-0933. Price $6. each--titles are: All-Purpose Tragedy ISBN: 1-930903-02-2, and, Megalopolis ISBN: 1-930903-18-9. Marie’s 3 new Chapbook titles in 2004: Blue Language, Disgusting Similarities, Big City Savvy, &, Tales of the Female Urban Monk of the 21st Century, available from the author.

Marie Kazalia’s poetry and creative prose writing have been widely published in anthologies, such as The Bukowski Hangover Project ISBN: 0-9701950-3-6. Pull The Trigger and the Uno Anthology ISBN: 1-4010-4120-5 (UK) and in numerous on-line e-zines and widely published in print zines, and literary journals nationally and internationally, mostly notably: EPOCH, The Lousiana Review, Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, 52% (Canada), Atom Mind, Iconoclast, The Bukowski Review, BLADE... and many others...

Larry Kearney was born in Brooklyn in 1943. His mother was from Glasgow and his father from Galway. He attended Brooklyn Technical High School and Harpur College, and began publishing in San Francisco in 1964—Fifteen Poems (White Rabbit Press). He lived with his wife and son in Bolinas from ’67 to ’81, and the books from that period include Dead Poem, Earthquake, Five and Kidnapped.

Since ’81 he has lived in Larkspur and books include, Oz and Damaged Architecture, Streaming, The Only Available Substance/Please Keep My Word (w. Sarah Menefee), The Glue Factory, Culture, The Wake of the Ferry, Universe and fifty-four others still in the computer.

His published prose works include Whiskey’s Children, A Bar on Every Corner, and Finding God When You Don’t Believe—a trilogy on alcoholism.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen lives and writes in Espoo, Finland. He is mainly interested of computer processing and manipulation of text and language. He has been published in Poethia, Moria, SHAMPOO, Aught, Word for Word, can we have our ball back, 5_Trope, Generator, Score, m.a.g, sleeping fish, BathHouse Magazine, Blackbox and Textbase among others. He has two chapbooks. 'cornucopia' (xPress(ed), 2004) and 'obeyed dilemma' (xPress(ed) 2004). His e-chapbooks '[#1-#46]' (BlazeVox) (also available as printed version), '[div]versions' (Poetic Inhalation) and 'Permutations' (Faux Press) was released in 2004 and 'The Oracular Sonnets' with Mark Young from Meritage Press also in 2004.

He is editor of xStreamxPress(ed) and works also as composer and mail artist. He has few weblogs like nonlinear poetry, textual conjectures and mailXart.

Lucas Klein is the editor of the online magazine of creative translation,, and a student in pursuit of a PhD at Yale University. His book reviews, articles, translations, and poems have appeared or are forthcoming from The American Book Review, Rain Taxi, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Composite Translations, Manoa, Palimpsest, and Frank.

Rodney Koeneke is the author of two books: Rouge State, winner of the 2002 Transcontinental Poetry Award from Pavement Saw Press, and Empires of the Mind: I.A. Richards and Basic English in China (Stanford UP, 2004). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Beloit Poetry Journal, Salt, 580 Split, Combo, Commonweal, Cranky, Magazine Cypress, Mirage#4/Period(ical), VeRT, Shampoo, Can We Have Our Ball Back, Other Magazine, The San Francisco Reader and a forthcoming anthology on Bay Area Poetics from Faux Press, among others. He lives in San Francisco where he serves on the Board of Directors for Small Press Traffic.

mark s. kuhar is the proprietor of deep cleveland llc, which includes deep cleveland press, a small-press publishing company, & deep cleveland junkmail oracle, a literary e-zine dedicated to the spirit of legendary cleveland outlaw poet, artist & underground publisher d.a levy.
  Tuli Kupferberg was, along with Ed Sanders, a founding member of the rock group The Fugs. Kupferberg came up with the name, a notorious euphemism found in Norman Mailer's The Naked and the Dead. Ken Weaver, a friend, was asked to sit in on drums, while Steve Weber and Peter Stampfel of the psych-country jug band The Holy Modal Rounders were recruited to play with them at the grand opening of the Peace Eye bookstore in 1965. It attracted a large crowd—literary celebrities such as William S. Burroughs, George Plimpton and James Michener were in attendance at this event, which so fittingly had its walls decorated in floral printed cloth banners by none other than Andy Warhol.

Their first album (conveniently titled The Fugs) contained existentialist odes such as “Carpe Diem,” “I Couldn’t Get High,” and “Slum Goddess” and became an instant classic.

Kupferberg is now an octogenarian poet, songwriter, and collage artiste.

  A native Californian, Joanne Kyger became part of the San Francisco poetry world in 1957 when she left Santa Barbara where she had attended both high school and the University of California. After spending four years in Kyoto she returned to San Francisco in 1964 where her first book was published. Further travels took her to Europe and New York City before she settled on the coast north of San Francisco, traveling as much as possible to Mexico. She teaches at new College of California in San Francisco and in the Poetics Program at the naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. She has published over 20 books of poetry. She was the winner of the National Poetry Series in 1983 for her book Going On. Her most recent books of poems include God Never Dies (Blue Press), The Distressed Look (Coyote Books), and As Ever: Selected Poems published by Penguin Books.
Michael Lally: Born in Orange, NJ in 1942. First read poetry in coffee houses in 1959, first published in 1960, appearing regularly in little magazines after 1966. First book, What Withers, published by Doones Press in 1970, twenty-seventh book, March 18,2003, published by Libellum in 2004. Awards include the 1972 92nd St. Y Poetry Center’s “Discovery Award”; two National Endowment for the Arts Poetry Awards, 1974 and ’81 (the latter used as argument for closing down the NEA by right wing congressmen who called the poem “My Life” “pornography” on the floor of congress); 1997 PEN Oakland “Josephine Miles Award for Excellence in Literature” for Can’t Be Wrong (Coffee House Press); 2000 American Book Award for It’s Not Nostalgia (Black Sparrow). Meanwhile, worked at various jobs, from night guard in a hospital to college teacher, chauffer to book critic, (actually in reverse order for all four), most recently an actor (e.g. artist witness on NYPD Blue, psychotic detective on JAG, crusty cavalry captain on Deadwood) and script doctor/screenwriter (e.g. wrote narration for Drugstore Cowboy/co-wrote screenplay for Fogbound, winner best feature film in the 2003 Thessalaski International Film Festival). Back living in Jersey after forty years elsewhere.

Mark Lamoureux graduated from Marlboro College in 1995. He moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1998, where he has lived ever since. His work has appeared in print in Jubilat, Lungfull!, 6x6, Carve, Art New England AGNI and others and online at such places as,, the Verse Magazine weblog and The Muse Apprentice Guild. His chapbook, 29 Cheeseburgers was released by Boston’s Pressed Wafer in the winter of 2004. Another chapbook, City/Temple was published by Ugly Duckling Presse in the Fall of 2003. He is the managing editor of Fulcrum Annual and curates poetry events as Maudite Productions in the metro Boston area.

Tim Lane is a poet living in Lansing, Michigan. He studied poetry with Diane Wakoski at Michigan State University and earned a master's degree in creative writing. Some of his poems have appeared in Cranky, Graffiti Rag, Can We Have Our Ball Back, Pettycoat Relaxer and The Potomac.
Bill Lavender's most recent books of poetry include While Sleeping (Chax Press 2004), look the universe is dreaming (Potes and Poets 2002), and Guest Chain (Lavender Ink 1999). He is the editor of Another South: Experimental Writing in the South, an anthology from University of Alabama Press (2003). His poetry and essays have appeared in numerous print magazines including New Orleans Review, Gulf Coast Review, Skanky Possum, and Fell Swoop, and web publications including Exquisite Corpse, Muse Apprentice Guild, CanWeHaveOurBallBack, Moria, Baddog, and Poets Against the War. He has published scholarship in Poetics Today and Contemporary Literature. He teaches and directs the low residency MFA program at the University of New Orleans.

Louise Landes Levi has translated & written books, published chap books, broadsides & cards, / played sarangi in concert halls, in radio stations in town squares & railroad stations for some decades & perhaps for some lives.

Overland journeys to India produced several interpretive translations/ one of Rene Daumal ( the great Sanskrit autodidact & author of well known Mt. Analogue) RASA originally printed by New Directions (1982), now available through Siva Stan, the other, of the legendary poet genius Mira Bai whose devotion to Krishna freed her entirely. SWEET ON MY LIPS was published by Cool Grove Press in 1997 & reprinted in 2003 w. an introductory essay by La Monte Young.

In a strange twist of fate, much of Ms. Levi’s own work was thrown away by a concierge (or divine agent) in Paris, 1977. Henri Michaux, known for his eremitism & anonymity, nurtured our author through this crisis. A generous selection of LLL’s translation from HM, plus an essay on her meeting with him can be found on line at Forthcoming fr. Coronamundi, a large selection of the work. Towards Totality, 2005.

Ms. Levi studied at the Univ. of Calif, played with Daniel Moore’s early fusion orchestra The Floating Lotus Magic Opera company, then traveled East, for more instruction. Please refer to (Guru Punk & Sweet on My Lips/author interview) for details.

Her poetry books include early chap books: Poems Ambrosial Press, Bombay, 1972, The Water Mirror (Het Water Spiegel) the Amsterdam School (tranls. B. Mohr) 1983, Amiata, Felix Mansingh, Amsterdam 1984, Departure, Guus Bauer, Amsterdam, 1986 and Concerto, Accordian Series, 7, City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1988, Extinction, Left Hand Books, Barrytown 1990 & 1992, The Tower, Il Bagatto, Amsterdam, 1994, The Highway Queen, PBP, Amsterdam & Vienna, 1994, Le Lampade di Casa Sono State Acesse, MA, tranls. Rita Degli Esposti, Supernova, Venice 1996 & 2000, Guru Punk, Cool Grove Press, Brooklyn, 1999, Chorma, transl. Sibila Rigori Porto dei Santi, Loiana 2000, Avenue A & Ninth Street, Shiva Stan Kathmandu-Woodstock, 2004, Ma’ Kar A Kar/MA, Univ. of Rhode Island, Providence, 2005 & forthcoming Crazy Louise, Felix Mansingh, Amsterdam 2005.

LLL is known to be peripatetic & shy. Please contact her for any publications that are as difficult to find as she is at:

Since 1992 she has directed Il Bagatto Books, printing occasional chapbooks, broadsides & postcards. The press originated in Arcidosso, Italy & travels w. her. It is co sponsored by Ms. Sofia Bentinck.

Books online: Banana Baby (2003), ed. Andrew Lundwall , Chorma (2000), in English w. facing Italian transl., also printed in handmade edition by Porto dei Santi, The Highway Queen (1994), originally designed as a map by il Bagatto w. Post-Buddhist-Punk, Vienna. ed. S. Peddi and the anthology ‘Celestial Grafitti' at, Six Poems, ed. by Ira Cohen.

Kimberly Marie Lojek was born and raised in the Bidgeport and Gage Park neighborhoods of Chicago's Southside. As the first generation of her family to be born American, a common inquiry and exploration that threads her poems are the breedings of language, landscape, and the translatablilities of gesture. She is currently attending the Writer's Workshop at the University of Iowa working toward the completion of my M.F.A. while teaching Rhetoric. She holds an M.A. from the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her work has appeared in Near South, BlueSky Review and The Fuzion Project.
John Lowther is beside himself.
This is happening in Atlanta.
The price of fixity is unintelligibility.
Language Harm w. the A.P.G.
All language is poetry?
Word & Praxis @ eyedrum.
Intelligibility is the mimim of flux.
That happened in Atlanta.
Here I am somewhere an other.
Andrew Lundwall is the editor of Export: Writing the Midwest. He was born and lived for many years in Wisconsin. His writings have appeared in numerous literary journals including Miami Sun Post’s Mad Love, Moria, Sidereality, Shampoo, Score, Blazevox, Unlikely Stories, Dead Drunk Dublin, Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle, 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry, and Near South.

With Jeannie Smith, he is a cofounder and managing editor of the electronic literary journal Poetic Inhalation. Photo courtesy Jeannie Smith.

Michael McClure is a poet, novelist, essayist, playwright. He published his first book, Passage, in 1956, a year after the reading at Six Gallery. He has produced 16 books of poetry, six collections of essays, two novels, and ten plays, including the Obie-winning Josephine the Mouse Singer and the notorious The Beard, shut down by police fourteen consecutive nights in Los Angeles. He is also co-writer, with Janis Joplin, of "Mercedes Benz," and professor at California College of Arts and Crafts.

Poetry Flash noted in one review, "McClure -- dressed in black -- stood and uttered his words with a sort of sultry precision. His gestures punctuated his word (a poetry of the body), enthralling, enlisting a dynamic tension between audience and performer that didn't let up until the words stopped."

Michael McClure lives in the San Francisco Bay Area hills with his wife, the sculptor Amy Evans McClure and "the most spoiled cat on the planet."

Gretchen McCullogh teaches in the Writing Program at the American University in Cairo. Her work has appeared in: The Texas Review, The Alaska Review, National Public Radio, Archipelago, Iris, Gloss, Exquisite Corpse and the Barcelona Review.
Karyna McGlynn is a writer and photographer living in Seattle. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Wisconsin Review, Midwest Quarterly, Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine, DMQ Review, Good Foot Magazine, and Absinthe Literary Review. Winner of the 2004 Bart Baxter Award for Poetry in Performance, Karyna was recently nominated for a Pushcart. She attends the Creative Writing Program at Seattle University.

Judith Malina & Hanon Reznikov/Founded in 1947 by Julian Beck and Judith Malina, The Living Theatre has staged more than 80 productions performed in eight languages in 25 countries on four continents. During the 1950's in New York, The Living Theatre pioneered the unconventional staging of poetic drama—the plays of American writers like Gertrude Stein, William Carlos Williams, Paul Goodman, Kenneth Rexroth and John Ashbery, as well as European writers rarely produced in America, including Cocteau, Lorca, Brecht and Pirandello. Best remembered among these productions, which marked the start of the Off-Broadway movement, were Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights, Many Loves, The Connection, and The Brig. Now with Judith Malina and poet, playwright, and actor Hanon Reznikov directing, The Living Theatre is back in New York to continued acclaim. For more information visit
George Manka lives and works in Amsterdam. After completing a BA in English Literature at Sydney University he studied in France at the Université Paul Valéry (Montpellier) graduating with a Diplôme d'Études Approfondies in Commonwealth Literature. Besides playing from time to time in a blues band, George studies and translates modern French and German poetry, notably Henri Michaux, René Char, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, and Ingeborg Bachmann.

Tim Martin is from Bryn Mawr, PA. He has a BA in Writing and Literature from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa University. His plays Of One’s Self I Sing, Once Upon A River and Tales From Turtle Island have been performed at the Hedgerow Theatre. His serial poem, Ricochet, has been recorded twice and recently turned into a performance piece. Martin is the founder of King of Mice Press. His work has appeared in The Attic Which is Desire, Poetry Sz, Hamilton Stone Review, In Words, Scars, Autumn Leaves, and other small magazines. Tim currently works with the Curio Theatre Company.
Mark Mazer says, "A Boston native, I have degrees from Harvard University and Simmons College, and a certificate in creative writing from the University of Kent at Canterbury. I’ve worked in the mental health field for about twenty-five years, and started writing fiction in 1998 while living in England. My short stories have been published by Parchment Magazine (York University, Toronto, Canada), and by the following internet magazines: Cenotaph, Cyber-Oasis, Circle Magazine, Wild Child, Mocha Memoirs, Summerset Review, Aliengrove, and Fiction Funhouse."

David Meltzer is the author of (some say) too many books of poetry. The most recent collection is No Eyes: Lester Young (Black Sparrow Press, 2002). Forthcoming: Beat Thing (La Alameda Press). In the interim also put together San Francisco Beats: Talking with the Poets (City Lights Books) and co-edit Shuffle Boil, a magazine on music, with Steve Dickison. During the 60s wrote erotica, actually devoted 1969 to writing 10 books which I classify as agit-smut. Orf was reprinted by Masquerade Books, 1993; The Agency Trilogy was reprinted by Richard Kasak Books, 1994; Under, a new fiction was published by Rhinoceros Books, 1995. Have edited many theme-driven anthologies; the most current is Reading Jazz (Mercury House, 1995) and am completing a companion volume, Writing Jazz, to be published later this year by Mercury House. Teach in the graduate Poetics and undergraduate Humanities programs at New College of California. Keep waiting for the guys from Publishers Clearing House to keep their promise to knock on my door (don't have a bell) and make me a millionaire.

Ben Miller was born in 1954 in Ann Arbor, MI, He grew up in the tail end of the 1960’s as a musician exploring psychedelic songwriting and freeform-based improvisation. Much of his writing was in the form of lyrics until the 1990’s when he delved into the writer’s spirit more often focusing on surreal narrative. In 2001 he joined up as a contributing writer for and his writings have also appeared in the electronic publication Tin Lustre Mobile. His literary influences are William Burroughs, Don Van Vliet, various Sci-Fi, metaphisics and horror. His writing wags between narrative and stream of consciousness with an occasional philosophical bent. As a musician in recent years he has been involved with Third Border, M3, Dirty Old Man River, Twice Removed, Regeneration and Solo projects.
Sheila E. Murphy was born in Mishawaka, Indiana, and grew up in South Bend, a mile from the University of Notre Dame campus. She participated in the &NOW conference, directed by faculty member and fiction writer Steve Tomasula. Her most recent book appeared in late 2004: Proof of Silhouettes (Stride, UK), preceded by Concentricity (Pleasure Boat Studio, January 2004). Her home is in Phoenix, AZ.
A lifelong nonacademic, Rodney Nelson has worked as licensed psychiatric technician, copy editor, and librarian. His poems and narratives have seen print often enough. He made a cameo appearance in the fifty-fourth edition of Who's Who in America. Now Nelson seems to be finding new life in the ezines.
Andrew Nightingale lives on the coast in Cornwall in the UK. "The Transparency of Veils" was written in the Sibillini Mountains in Italy. Look out for a companion piece in Poetry Salzburg 7. You can find a list of links to places where you can read more of his work at
Millie Niss is a writer and web artist based in New York City. Recent publications include:,, Artvoice, The Buffalo News, Beehive. A sequence of her electronic poems appeared in the Iowa Review Web in September 2004. Millie was a workshop presenter on the subject of e-poetry at the Incubation3 Symposium at the trAce Online Writing Centre in Nottingham England this past summer.
Kevin Opstedal: Still publishing various one-shot poetry journals when the opportunity presents itself. The most recent issues of which have been Yolanda Pipeline’s Magazine and Little Horse’s Magazine (both co-edited with Michael Price). Recent books by me—El Tsunami (Auguste Press), The Deep End (Plywood Press) and Straight Up & Down (Blue Press)—all published this year. I’m currently living in Santa Cruz, California, writing and staring at the water a lot.
Shin Yu Pai is the author of Equivalence, (La Alameda, 2003), Ten Thousand Miles of Mountains and Rivers (Third Ear Books, 1998), and several projects which are forthcoming this year, Nutritional Feed (Tupelo Press), Works on Paper (Convivio Bookworks), and Unnecessary Roughness (xPress(ed)). As a visual artist, Shin Yu's work has appeared in shows at Gallery 2 and The Three Arts Club of Chicago. A portfolio of her photography can be viewed at She is an artist in residence at the University of Texas at Dallas.
Jonathan Penton is the kind of sad little man who will post his work on the Internet in the hopes that you'll notice him, then claim that he's too private to submit a bio.
Simon Pettet is an English-born poet, long-time resident of New York's Lower East Side. His Selected Poems is still available from Talisman House. He is also the author of two classic collaborations with photographer-filmmaker, Rudy Burckhardt, Conversations About Everything and Talking Pictures. He also compiled and edited The Selected Art Writings of James Schuyler for Black Sparrow . A limited edition, Abundant Treasures (poems accompanying hand-colored drawings by New York artist Duncan Hannah), was recently published by Granary Books. A new book of poems will be forthcoming in the Spring.
Cynthia Plum lives in Kalamazoo, MI with her wife and son. She is a prolific artist and poet whose work has appeared on Poetic Inhalation.
Judith Malina & Hanon Reznikov/Founded in 1947 by Julian Beck and Judith Malina, The Living Theatre has staged more than 80 productions performed in eight languages in 25 countries on four continents. During the 1950's in New York, The Living Theatre pioneered the unconventional staging of poetic drama—the plays of American writers like Gertrude Stein, William Carlos Williams, Paul Goodman, Kenneth Rexroth and John Ashbery, as well as European writers rarely produced in America, including Cocteau, Lorca, Brecht and Pirandello. Best remembered among these productions, which marked the start of the Off-Broadway movement, were Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights, Many Loves, The Connection, and The Brig. Now with Judith Malina and poet, playwright, and actor Hanon Reznikov directing, The Living Theatre is back in New York to continued acclaim. For more information visit
Charles P. Ries lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His narrative poems, short stories and poetry reviews have appeared in over ninety print and electronic publications including: Circle Magazine, Wisconsin Review, Rockford Review, Free Verse, and Clark Street Review. He has received two Pushcart Prize nominations for his writing and most recently read his poetry on National Public Radio’s Theme and Variations, a program that is broadcast over seventy NPR affiliates. He is the author of THE FATHERS WE FIND, a novel based on memory from which excerpts have appeared in MusesKiss, Write On!/Just Stories, Iconoclast, Free Verse, Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, Romantics Quarterly, SNReview, Thunder Sandwich and The Wisconsin River Valley Review. Ries is also the author of three books of poetry — the most recent titled, Odd which was published by Pudding House Publications in Columbus, Ohio. His forth book of poetry; The Last Time will be published by Dark Side of the Moon Press in Tucson, Arizona and is slated for release in 2005. He is on the board of the Woodland Pattern Bookstore in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You may find additional samples of his work by going to: and you may write him at
Sam E. Robinson grew up and lived for many years in various parts of Ohio. He self-publishes books of poetry through his own Bloody Irish Press, and is the editor of Dirty Swamp Poets magazine. His current interest lies in creating short internet movies fused with spoken word poetry and music.
Jerome Rothenberg's A Book of Witness, his twelfth book of poems from New Directions, was published in spring of 2003. His latest assemblages are Poems for the Millennium, co-edited with Pierre Joris, and A Book of the Book, co-edited with Steven Clay. Other scheduled works include the collected poems of Pablo Picasso, also with Joris, and his own Writing Through: Selected Translations and Variations from Wesleyan. He and Joris are co-editors of the new series, Poets for the Millennium, from the University of California Press, the first two volumes of which (María Sabina and André Breton) have just been published. 25 Caprichos (Kadle Books, Tenerife, Spain) and A Book of Concealments (Chax Press, Tucson) are also appearing.
Larry Sawyer’s work has appeared in the anthology Shamanic Warriors Now Poets (R&R Publishers, Scotland), plus periodicals including: The Prague Literary Review, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Outlaw (UK), Mad Love, Skid Row Penthouse, Paper Tiger (Australia), Tabacaria (Portugal), Big Bridge, Hunger, Ygdrasil, Skanky Possum, Jacket (Australia), Exquisite Corpse, Readme, Aught, The Butcher's Block, Moria, Nexus, NY Arts Magazine, 5_Trope, Cipher Journal, Range, canwehaveourballback?, Shampoo, WORD/ for Word, Loop, Snow Monkey, La Petite Zine, ambulant, Eildon Tree (Scotland), Poems-For-All, Tin Lustre Mobile, Pitchfork, Markings (Scotland), Versal (Holland), Van Gogh’s Ear (France), 88, Cokefish, Nexus, The East Village, and elsewhere.

Chapbooks include: Poems for Peace (anthology, Structum Press); A Chaise Lounge in Hell (aboveground press, Ontario, Canada), Tyrannosaurus Ant (mother’s milk).

He is the editor of milk magazine online.

Gerald Schwartz is the author of Only Others Are: Poems (LEGIBLE Books 2003), as well as World, a chapbook (furniture_press 2004). He now lives in West Irondequoit, New York.
Frank Sherlock is the curator of the La Tazza Reading Series in Philadelphia. He is currently collaborating with electronic artist/dj/producer Alex Welsh on a project entitled Elementals with a Suggestion.
Steven Shoemaker lives in Arlington, MA and teaches at Harvard University. He recently made a digital video documentary about the poet Theodore Enslin called Variations: A Year with Ted Enslin. He is currently editing a collection of essays devoted to the work of George Oppen, as well as working on a book of poetry titled IN/SIDE/OUT.

Ron Silliman is author of numerous books including Tjanting, The Figures, Berkeley, CA, 1981; Bart, Potes & Poets Press, Hartford, CT, 1982; ABC, Tuumba, Berkeley, CA, 1983; Paradise, Burning Deck, Providence, RI, 1985 (1985 Poetry Center Book Award); The Age of Huts, Roof Books, New York, 1986; Lit, Potes & Poets Press, Hartford, CT, 1987; What, The Figures, Great Barrington, MA, 1988; Manifest, Zasterle Press, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 1990; Leningrad (collaboration with Michael Davidson, Lyn Hejinian, and Barrett Watten), Mercury House, San Francisco, CA, 1991; Demo to Ink, Chax Press, Tucson, AZ, 1992; Toner, Potes & Poets Press, E. Hartford, CT, 1992; Jones, Generator Press, Mentor, OH, 1993; and N/O, Roof Press, New York, NY, 1994. The text included in this issue of Big Bridge is from his monumental effort titled The Alphabet. Silliman also maintains perhaps the most well-known current events and poetry blog in existence located here
Dale Smith edits Skanky Possum Press with Hoa Nguyen. His poems, essays and reviews have appeared in The Chicago Review, Bookslut, House Organ and Best American Poetry 2002. He lives in Austin, Texas.
Alan Sondheim's books include the anthology Being on Line: Net Subjectivity (Lusitania, 1996), Disorders of the Real (Station Hill, 1988), .echo (alt-X digital arts, 2001), Vel (Blazevox 2004-5), Sophia (Writers Forum, 2004) and The Wayward (Salt, 2004) as well as numerous other chapbooks, ebooks, and articles. His video and filmwork have been widely shown. Sondheim co-moderates several email lists, including Cybermind, Cyberculture and Wryting. Since 1/94, he has been working on an "Internet Text," a continuous meditation on philosophy, psychology, language, body, and virtuality. Sondheim lives in Brooklyn; he lectures and publishes on contemporary art and internet issues. In 1999, Sondheim was the 2nd virtual writer-in-residence for the Trace online writing community (Nottingham, England). In 2004, he was a 5 week resident of the Center for Literary Computing and the Virtual Environments Laboratory at West Virginia University. In 2005, he will be a 10 week resident at Grand Central Art Center (University of California, Fullerton). In 2001, Sondheim assembled a special issue of the America Book Review on Codework. Sondheim taught in the Trace online writing program; in 2001-2 he taught new media at Florida International University in Miami. He currently works in video, cdrom, performance, sound, and text, often in collaboration.
Mark Spitzer grew up in Minneapolis where he earned his Bachelor's degree at the University of Minnesota in 1990. He is a literary translator, novelist, punkademic prof. and murderer of myriad murkwater monstrosities. See his website at for info on his books, etc.
JodiAnn Stevenson is a writer and hypermedia artist currently living in Dover, New Hampshire. “The Best Expectations” is a poem from her book-length manuscript, An Explanation for Everything which served as her final thesis for graduation from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont in July, 2004. Some of her other work has appeared in the print journals The Silverfish Review, Mangrove, Phantasmagoria, and Poetry Motel, and the on-line journals Sunspinner, Tin Lustre Mobile, Bathhouse, and Lit Haven.

Chris Stroffolino is currently in the process of struggling with dummy lyrics to a new song. You could call him a workaholic or an obsessive artist, who isn't exactly proud of his lack of marketing skills but is tired of desperately striving not to feel like a failure in the light of recent events (in the world "at large" and "small")--so tired in fact he's on the verge of taking a nap that could give the lie to the "workaholic" moniker were kindness the same as suicide (and he still has some faith it's not). Pictured with Wanda Phipps.
Belinda Subraman is a hospice nurse living in El Paso, Texas. She has an extensive background in writing and publishing. While living in Germany in the 1980s Belinda began Gypsy Literary Magazine and Sanctuary Tape Series where she published writings and vocal performances of poets from many countries. Sanctuary lasted about 6 years and Gypsy for 10 years before its resurrection in 2004. She also published many books under the VERGIN' PRESS imprint including Voces Fronterizas, writings based on life on the U.S./Mexican border sponsored by the El Paso Public Library as well as The Gulf War: Many Perspectives, Earth Tones, Images of Jim Morrison and Henry Miller and My Big Sur Days. Since 1994 her archives are housed at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, in the Center for Southwest Research.

Belinda balances her life as a writer and RN by painting, sculpting and political activism. She was a Texas delegate to the First National Green Party Convention in 2000, on the Green State Executive Committee from 2001-2003 and the El Paso County Green Party Co-chair from 2000-2004.

ShaunAnne Tangney is an associate professor of English at Minot State University in Minot, ND, where she teaches American literature, critical theory, and creative writing. Her scholarly interests include apocalypticism, the American poet Robinson Jeffers, and literature of the Great Plains. She is the Executive Director of the Robinson Jeffers Association, and recently chaired the state-wide North Dakota University System’s biennial Arts and Humanities Summit. She is also a poet, and her work has been published in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. A native of California, ShaunAnne readily accepts the moniker a colleague recently gave her: “the west-coast apostle of the apocalypse.”
Thomas Lowe Taylor (anabasis Press) lives in southwestern Washington State on the Long Beach Peninsula and copublishes Xtant Magazine with Jim Leftwich. The Homages of Eagle (2004) 900 p., two vols, from anabasis.xtant Books, 1512 Mountainside Court, Charlottesville VA 22903, $100 plus s/h. He has work online in Word for Word, eratio, samsara, Xpressd, EXP, MPRSND, tin lustre mobile, 5 trope, Moria, Big Bridge, BlazeVox2k4, Great Works, QLRS, and Softblow.
Tony Trigilio's poems have been published in many journals, including The Spoon River Poetry Review (Illinois Feature Poet in the Spring 2004 issue), The Iowa Review, The Beloit Poetry Journal, Jack magazine, and in the anthology American Zen: A Gathering of Poets (Bottom Dog Press). He also is the author of Strange Prophecies Anew: Rereading Apocalypse in Blake, H.D., and Ginsberg. He co-edits the poetry magazine Court Green, and serves as Director of the Undergraduate Poetry Program at Columbia College Chicago.
John Tyson born & raised in the midwestern fields grazes on poetry, beer & bad boys. Caring for yellow & blue his 2 parakeets is only complicated by his need to speak the true. had it c_ming, his most recent chapbook explains way too much.
Joel Van Noord is currently unemployed and has been wandering throughout the eastern states for the past several months.
Michael J. Vaughn is the author of Rhyming Pittsburgh ( and five other novels, and a contributor to Writer’s Digest. His poems and stories have appeared in more than fifty literary journals. He lives in San Jose, California and Tacoma, Washington.
Gautam Verma says: "I live and work (teaching English) in Piacenza where I moved a couple years back, with cat and books and nary a word of Italian (after completing graduate work at the University of Denver) to settle with my wife in her home town.

"I have poems out or forthcoming from Blaze Vox, Drunken Boat, Diagram, Slant Review, Segue, Art Times, Folio, and Free-Verse among others."

Stephen Vincent: Recent magazine publications include Ecopoetics, Mirage, Shampoo, Score, Vert, Volt, & Zyzzyva
Books include: A Walk Toward Spicer, Cherry on The Top Press (England) Walking, Junction Press.
Current writing projects ‘in progress’ in include Walking Theory, Sleeping With Sappho and Elegy in Z - plus occasional commentary on books and politics - are accessible on his Blog: Contact:

Lina ramona Vitkauskas is a Lithuanian-American who irresponsibly utilizes the parlance of our times. M.A. in English: Composition and Rhetoric: Creative Writing, Wright State University. Co-editor of the online literary magazine, milk, with editor, poet, and critic Larry Sawyer.

poetry chapbooks: Shooting Dead Films with Poets (Fractal Edge Press, 2004), The Meanest Man Contest (mother's milk press, 2000). poetry publications: Van Gogh's Ear, The Prague Literary Review, The Chicago Review, 5_Trope, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Echolocation (University of Toronto), canwehaveourballback?, La Petite Zine, Drunken Boat, Shampoo, Snow Monkey, Mudlark, Big Bridge, AUGHT, Cokefish, JACK, After Hours, Newtopia, Yalla (Montreal), Tin Lustre Mobile, 3 AM Magazine, Bridges (The Lithuanian-American Journal), Sidereality, ambulant, In Posse Review Multi-Ethnic Anthology (Ilya Kaminsky, editor), Poetry Plaza (92 Buffet of Lithuanian Poets, Japan), and short fiction: The Mississippi Review, The Wisconsin Review, Hubris Magazine, Del Sol Review (featured writer). awards: Carson McCullers Award, STORY Magazine (Honorable Mention, 1999), Cleveland State University Open Poetry Series (Semi-Finalist, 2002). forthcoming work: Rampike (University of Windsor), Skanky Possum, Lituanus (Lithuanian Quarterly Journal). collaborations: Newtopia, member of The New Poetry Collective, Night of the Living Tounges (experimental poetry/art collaborative). Her web site is

Anne Waldman is an internationally known poet, performer, professor, editor, with strong personal links to the New York School, the Beat Literary Movement, and the experimental strands of the New American Poetry. She has also extended performance to new dimensions with her "modal structures" as in the celebrated "Pieces of An Hour" (for John Cage). She is a Distinguished Professor of Poetics at The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, a program she co-founded with poet Allen Ginsberg in 1974. She is the author of over 30 books including, most recently, Vow To Poetry: Essays, Interviews & Manifestos, (Coffee House Press, 2001) Marriage: A Sentence (Penguin Poets, 2000) the 20th anniversary edition of Fast Speaking Woman (City Lights Books), Iovis: All Is Full of Jove: Books I & II (Coffee House Press), Kill or Cure (Penguin Poets). She is also the editor of The Beat Book (Shambhala Publications), and co-editor of Disembodied Poetics: Annals of The Jack Kerouac School (University of New Mexico Press). She traveled with Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder revue in the 1970s, and recently performed at Town Hall in New York City in a Tribute for Bob Dylan’s 60th birthday. She is a 2002 recipient of a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts.
Joel Weishaus was born in Brooklyn, NY. In 1967-1968, Weishaus was the Literary Editor of the Daily Californian, the University of California’s student newspaper. He also helped build an experimental theater in San Francisco Haight-Ashbury District. During those years, too, he traveled to Japan to visit Zen monasteries. In 1971, he edited On the Mesa: An Anthology of Bolinas Writing, published by City Light Books, and Oxherding: A Reworking of the Zen Text, with Block Prints by Arthur Okamura. Weishaus did a one-year hermitage in a mountain cabin in Lake County, CA., lived for a year in Cambridge, MA., where he was a resident of the Cambridge Zen Center, and studied Aikido in San Francisco with Robert Nadeau. He wrote the Introduction and Notes to Thomas Merton’s Woods, Shore, Desert (Museum of New Mexico Press, 1983), was an Adjunct Curator at the University of New Mexico’s Fine Arts Museum, and a Writer-in-Residence at UNM’s Center for Southwest Research. Weishaus is now Visiting Faculty at Portland State University’s Department of English. His newest book, The Healing Spirit of Haiku, co-authored with David Rosen, and illustrated by Arthur Okamura, was published by North Atlantic Books, October 2004.
Lawrence Welsh has published four books of poetry, and his work has appeared in more than 150 national and regional magazines, including Puerto del Sol, The Texas Observer, The Louisiana Review, Hawaii Review, Rio Grande Review, ONTHEBUS, The Wormwood Review, Nexus, Chiron Review, The Café Review, Poetry Motel, Poetry Now, Pearl, Bogg, Flipside, The Raven Chronicles, Main Street Rag and the book Das Ist Alles--Charles Bukowski Recollected. Most recently, he won The Fourth Annual Bardsong Press Celtic Voice Writing Award in Poetry, and his work appeared in The Spring of Nine Hazels: Tales of Celtic Heritage, which received a USA Book News Best Books of 2004 award. In 2005, Pitchfork Press will publish Walking Backwards to Santa Fe, his latest collection. Photo by Richard Baron.

Ian Randall Wilson is the managing editor of the poetry journal 88. Recent work has appeared in The Alaska Quarterly Review, Spinning Jenny and Spork. His first fiction collection, Hunger and Other Stories, was published by Hollyridge Press ( Author photo by Albert Chacon.
AD Winans has been publishing in the small presses since 1965. His work has appeared in City Lights Journal, New York Quarterly, Beat Scene, Beatitude, Second Coming, and Confrontation among many others. Some books and broadsides include I Kiss The Feet Of Angels (2002), Whispers From Hell (2002), Trying To Find A Common Bond (2002), A Bastard Child With No Place To Go (2002), Will The Real Lawrence Ferlinghetti Please Stand Up (broadside 2002), San Francisco Blues (broadside 2002), Taking Things In My Own Hands (web-book 2003), and The System (2003).
Bryan Thao Worra tells us that he is "one of the first Laotian American poets." He grew up in Michigan, attended college in Ohio, and currently resides in St. Paul, MN as a freelance literary arts reporter for Asian American Press and others. Writing from a Midwestern Asian American perspective, his poetic work has appeared in the Bamboo Among the Oaks Anthology, and over 30 print and online journals, including Whistling Shade, Urban Pioneer, Unarmed, the Asian Pacific Journal and the Journal of the Asian American Renaissance. He was also a 2002 MN Playwrights' Center Many Voices Fellow.
Karl Young began publishing books and magazines in 1966 using mimeo and makeshift letter press. He has continued through media changes during the years since. His web anthology of 20th century poetry, now in the fourth month of its eleventh year, can be found at and you can find Young's personal home page at