Pamela Dewey

Pamela Dewey says: "In this work I am interested in shapes, textures, colors, and lines, especially the pure line of the horizon. The horizon signifies a moment of transition. Because of its role in perceptual orientation, it is particularly affecting when the horizon is obscured."

Pamela Dewey has had solo exhibitions in Mountain View, CA, Hurleyville, NY, and New York City. She has been in group exhibitions in Wakefield, RI, Washington, D.C., Merrick, NY, Williamsburg, NY, Bronx, NY, and throughout New York City. Her art has been published in Horizons (Blue Press), Heavy Water (Surf Donkey), Jacket Magazine, Spirit Capture, and by Smithsonian Press, MIT Press, and Cornell Press. She has curated shows at the New York Historical Society, the National Museum of the American Indian, the Rosenberg Gallery, the 494 Gallery, and New York University.

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"Big Sur I, July 2003"

"Bolinas, May 2003"

"Greyhound, March 2004"

"Pomponio, January 2004"

"Baker I, August 2000"

"China II, September 2000"

"Davenport, July 2002"

"Big Sur II, July 2003"

"Bean Hollow, June 2004"

"San Gregorio, April 2004"

"Bean Hollow, June 2003"

"Rodeo II, August 2000"

"Mavericks, December 2002"

"Moss, December 2002"

"Miramar, December 2002"

"N. Wadell, June 2003"