Joe Clifford
Killing Time
One Very Important Letter

Richard Denner
Now That Spalding Grey Is Gone, I've Heard There's an Opening for Best Standup Memoirist, and I've Decided to Apply
What Comes Next?
What Happened Next

Kane X. Faucher
a selection from Castor & Pollux
Un film numérique (homage to Jørgen Leth)

Skip Fox
Birdsong in Flame, Ninth Station

Anne Germanacos
Peacock Dreams

Mark Mazer
Dutch Treat

Jim Rader
The Swing Voter

Doug Rice
A Flower In Broken Glass
Losing My Religion
The Wounded Tomato

Lou Rowan
The Accounting: A Mystery

Ron Singer
The Technicolor Meal

Allan Wasserman
Flower Child


Satori Kitty Roshi Style by Keith Kumasen Abbott

Linear/Nonlinear by Tom Hibbard


John Beer reviews Lyric Poetry After Auschwitz by Kent Johnson

Allan Graubard reviews Sunrise in Armageddon by Will Alexander

Louise Landes Levi reviews Pyramid of Fire by John Major Jenkins and Marty Matz

Mary Jo Malo reviews AsEverWas: Memoirs of a Beat Survivor by Hammond Guthrie

Jorge Rodriguez-Miralles reviews Flock & Shadow by Michael Hettich

Larry Sawyer reviews What's Your Idea of a Good Time? by Bill Berkson and Bernadette Mayer

Leverett T. Smith, Jr. reviews Pagan Days by Michael Rumaker

Notable Publications:

AH! SUNFLOWER by Allen Ginsberg

Final Exits by Michael Largo


Debra DeSalvo interviewed by Wanda Phipps

Vernon Frazer interviewed by Ric Carfagna

Kent Johnson interviewed by Pedja Kojovic

Judith Malina with Hanon Reznikov interviewed by Will Swofford