Tor Obrestad


Tor Obrestad (Norway) was born on a farm in Norway in 1938, and was raised and trained to be a farmer. His first book of poems (awarded the Norwegian Debut Prize) and a book of short stories appeared in 1966, followed by a work on William Blake in 1967. His book Sauda! Streik! (Strike!), 1972, was made into a movie. Among almost 40 books, a combined photo and text work, Jaeren: Fire & Sky, was recently published in English. Since 1990 he has worked as a journalist and traveled widely (Eastern Europe including Kosova, Macedonia, and Albania; and recently in Yemen). He has translated the poetry of Robert Bly and Raymond Carver into Norwegian, and recently published a book in Arabic and Norwegian with exiled Yemeni poet Mansur Rajih.