Elizabeth Treadwell


World-famous in London

adapting center gangs of girls
double map as if they aloof
have made him modern...

...repellant, washed up, beautiful
predator; most efficient encounter pious--no longer the size of
Volkswagens, and such oceanic birds from the hobby store, just
look at it funny, as a last-ditch species, grizzled & garrulous,
old-style stories, mistrust carved northern, but soon I heard a
world of signposts; the ribbon of red earth I took grow[n]
poorer, beneath a full moon, drinking tea. Some benign hardship,
recent death, cheap labor. The department gave me money to build
a nursery; drums create indentured servants, logging firms, here
people, groupies, this golden age, other drugs being dealt among
the tombstones.