Cedar Sigo



Break it to Me Gently

Trouble in mind, Lord I'm blue,
sworn to this league of poets
as most beloved weakling, I won't dream
of the bloody car seat if
I can help it but I keep hearing
this train at night
with my own chorus of houseflies,
All of them
come toward me from the wall. I'm sobbing,
standing up against the flies
only baby flies so maggots only
ghost tears, Still
it's very painful, Whenever I appear
to have a heart my heart
cries out for muddy water, murmurs
"reinvent the vomitorium"
all the kinks in my hair vanish,
I've been a bad hustler for
a thousand years, doomed to endless reversals,
"Be glad, I hated it"
"Be mine in Shangri-La" All the queers
in the songs
die young, don't they? Strangely pretty
boiling oil spills,
Who plugged in the vaporizer? I mean
besides me, Goodnight nurse,
No one else knows