Tony Trigilio


With the Memory, Which Is Enormous

All in favor say probably. A pool of standing
transcriptions. Of those, all are in favor.

No exceptionally spiritual system
as the flexible judge orally.
(NY Times has the law and enormous lawyers
who appear inside and there still):

         "You, Judge Brinkema,
         which the court

              now says, 'I.'"

So that it seems linked. Prone, put in
a hardwood floor for the diving.

Guns exist, which are necessary.
They publish the recurring America,
the same thing over and over.

              The more excited you are
              the faster it comes. And what
              gets you excited? Talking about it.
              Or talking to others
              who are excited about it.

So I bought a document. My capitalism
describes it: they will appreciate the beard
if they are not in favor of this speech,
these involuntary desires, the tasty echo
of censure. Even Mr. Moussaoui thinks
of the newspapers by reading them.
Then with the memory, which is enormous,
very politely added advanced degrees
of better comprehension
with the acquired feet, it currently speaks.

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