James Cervantes


Bunny Wars

Here comes Peter Cottontail about your dark
hand clouding my skin, about the tar your face
pushed into my eyes, its origin in pre-Christian
fertility lore. The Hare and peach pits contain
small, minute amounts of cyanide. However
the saver has Easter bunnies hopping around
two researchers thinking the quantity of peach pits
available for Easter Bunny in memory of all bunnies
we couldn't save. Wood shavings and peach pits
add visual interest to our site update at Sears
Portrait Studio, where kids at the Astor Place Kmart
are treated to an unusual sight: the Easter Bunny
getting cuffed by New York City cops, the pen lines
of hollowed peaches. During WWII, civilians
were asked to save peach pits for the war effort. Why?
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