Photo Gallery 14

Dreaming As One
Poetry, Poets and Community in Bolinas, California
1967 - 1980

by Kevin Opstedal


News from Niman Farm, by Lewis MacAdams.
Cover photo of Bill & Amy Niman (& hog) by Ilka Hartmann. Tombouctou. 1976.



The Basketball Diaries, by Jim Carroll.
Cover photo by Rosemary Klemfuss. Tombouctou. 1978.



Shit On My Shoes, by Duncan McNaughton. Cover photo by Susanna Acevedo. Tombouctou. 1979.



The Bolinas Hearsay News Anniversary Supplement. Spring 1976.



Turkey Buzzard Review. Issue No. 1. 1977.
Cover by Terry Bell, silkscreened by Arthur Okamura.



Turkey Buzzard Review, back cover.



How I Broke In & Six Modern Masters, by Tom Clark.
Tombouctou, 1977.



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