Photo Gallery 10

Dreaming As One
Poetry, Poets and Community in Bolinas, California
1967 - 1980

by Kevin Opstedal


The Bolinas Book, by Aram Saroyan.
Cover by Gailyn Saroyan. Other Publications. 1974



Ebbe Borregaard. 1970.



Joanne Kyger at Ebbe Borregaard's wedding,
reading "A Testimony for Ebbe and Angela on their Wedding." 1972.


Bill Berkson outside Lewis MacAdams' house on the Bolinas mesa. Photo by Phoebe MacAdams. 1972.



Recent Visitors, by Bill Berkson.
Angel Hair Books. 1973.



Trip Out & Fall Back by Joanne Kyger.
Cover & illustrations by Gordon Baldwin. Arif Press. 1974.



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