Dreaming As One
Poetry, Poets and Community in Bolinas, California
1967 - 1980

by Kevin Opstedal


Note: This bibliography is not meant to be a complete listing of every book written in Bolinas from 1967 to 1980. The books chosen are generally those that are either mentioned or quoted in the text, or books that I thought best represent the Bolinas poetry scene of the time. Representative specimens of Bolinas poetry and publications.

I thank Steve Dickison, director of the San Francisco State Poetry Center, whose checklist for Recent Visitors: Poets & Publishing on the Bolinas Scene of the Seventies exhibit, which he curated, was a big help, supplementing and clarifying my own ragged list of things Bolinasian.


On the Mesa: An Anthology of Bolinas Writing, edited by Joel Weishaus, City Lights, 1970.


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''The oil spill that changed West Marin politics'', by Joel Reese, Point Reyes Light, January 18, 1991.

''Interview with Joanne Kyger'', The Crooked Cucumber, 9/29/95. Interviewer David Chadwick.

''Anne Waldman: The Early Years…1965-1970'', by Joanne Kyger, Jacket Magazine, April 2, 2005.

''The Bolinas Poets'', Beat Scene, Number 51, Late Summer 2006. A large section of this British magazine is devoted to a series of interviews between the editor, Kevin Ring, and a significant group of former Bolinas poets' Lewis Warsh, Alice Notley, David Meltzer, Bill Berkson, Lewis MacAdams, Anne Waldman, Tom and Angelica Clark, Duncan McNaughton and Lawrence Kearney. The section also features short articles on Joanne Kyger and John Thorpe, as well as a reprint of my own article on Bolinas that first appeared in the webzine Jack.


The Bolinas Hit: (2 issues) edited by Bill Beckman, Tom Clark and Jim Brodey, 1969.

Sugar Mountain. (1 issue) edited by Lewis Warsh and Tom Clark, 1970.

The Paper, edited by Bill Beckman, 1971-1973

Beaulines: A Diary of Community Consciousness, edited by Bill Beckman, 1973-1974.

Big Sky: edited by Bill Berkson, 1971-1978.

Untitled Poetry Magazine, edited by Aram Saroyan and Russ Riviere, 2 issues, 1973.

Hearsay News: published 3 times a week by three separate editorial staffs, 1973-present.

Fathar, edited by Duncan McNaughton. Issues #6, Sept. 1974, and #7, March 1975 were both published in Bolinas.

The Turkey Buzzard Review, edited by Dotty le Mieux, 4 issues published, 1977-1981.


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Ants, Arif Press, 1974. With drawings by Greg Irons.
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35, Poltroon Press, 1976.
How I Broke In, Tombouctou, 1977.
When Things Get Tough on Easy Street, Black Sparrow, 1979.

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Number 16 in the Curriculum of the Soul Series, 1972.
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Warshall, Peter: Septic Tank Practices, Anchor, 1979. The first edition was published by Mesa Press, Bolinas, with a cover drawn by Arthur Okamura.

Whalen, Philip: Heavy Breathing, Four Seasons Foundation, 1983. (Collects Severance Pay, Scenes of Life at the Capital, The Kindness of Strangers, and Enough Said)


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Without the cooperation of the poets who so graciously put up with my pestering questions and so generously provided me with answers, and materials, ranging from old letters and photographs, to fugitive and obscure publications, I could never have attempted or continued in my often wayward and convoluted pursuit of this story. Many thanks to Bill Berkson, Tom Clark, Donald Guravich, Dale Herd, Joanne Kyger, Lewis MacAdams, Duncan McNaughton, Alice Notley, Aram Saroyan, Tom Veitch, Anne Waldman, Lewis Warsh, Joel Weishaus, and Michael Wolfe' and, sadly, a belated thanks in memoriam to Bill Beckman, Joe Brainard, John Clarke, Robert Creeley, and Philip Whalen. Thanks as well to Gordon Baldwin, Arthur Okamura, and Dotty le Mieux. Also to John Thorpe, for talking to me, however briefly, once during a party at Joanne and Donald's house.

Grateful acknowledgement to Richard Schimmelpfeng, Director of Special Collections, Homer Babbidge Library, The University of Connecticut' Frank Walker, Curator, Special Collections, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, New York University' and Anne Caiger, Manuscripts Librarian, The University Library, UCLA' and Steve Dickison, Director, The Poetry Center at San Francisco State University.

Thanks also to Michael Rothenberg and Mary Sands who asked me to write an article on Bolinas poets for the webzine Jack in 2002. That article was the new beginning of this project, which originally began in the late 80's. Thanks to Kevin Ring, editor of the magazine Beat Scene, who reprinted the Jack webzine article in his magazine at a crucial moment.

And finally to Pamela Dewey, who cared when she had no earthly reason to. Maybe I'm amazed.


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