This issue is dedicated to David Bromige, 1933-2009

Michael Rothenberg, Editor

Photo by Terri Carrion



UNHURRIED VISION, a year in the life of Michael, is really a deeply loving celebration & farewell to mentor Philip Whalen, poet, roshi, & all around confounder of boundaries. A day-book; a non-epic odyssey through routes & roots of living & dying; a gastronome's pleasure dome, but above all a deeply stirred & stirring affirmation of poetry's centrality in realizing mundane & profound instances in the everyday extraordinary. Rothenberg's raw footage is disarming; sly, self-effacing, proclaiming, doubting, affirming. You can read it in one sitting, say blurboligists, but it takes at least a lifetime. & then what?

óDavid Meltzer

"Rothenberg's PUNK ROCKWELL follows and breaks all the rules of fiction simultaneously. A slow-motion, spiraling bullet aimed right between the eyes...original with a capital O."

-Michael Largo, author Southern Comfort


"Michael Rothenberg has one of those genius takes on language. . .
wit and wordlove, enough to move mountains, chip by chip."

-Jack Collom, author 8-Ball

"Michael Rothenberg amazes me with his industry, talent, energy, focus, curiosity. "

-David Meltzer author The Agency Trilogy

"It is a fan