Ish Klein


The Will

Today I realized that I have been smiting people.
At them I have been throwing small things that I wish were bigger
but I am afraid of getting sued.

I would also probably smite an animal
if it acted like a person who I would
want to smite.

It's because I'm sick of being shunned.
In sober moments I realize that smiting
near-perfect strangers is no way to avoid a shunning.

It's the heart: hard and tight.
Closed. Sometimes I find my closed heart
so closed that I'm shocked.
Shocked and shunned.

To be apparently honest it should be said
that the heart may not be totally closed: it seems to whistle for pizza
(whistles have holes!)also it goes for impassioned rages. "Holy hell" they

I scream at the friend
who "didn't do anything". For this to be a technical rage,
the friend must be scared or cry.

If I apologize the heart is not closed?
Unless I am political. A political confessor/prestriker-type?

Who do I know anymore well? Probably nobody.
But two hung on.

In my will, my wealth favors the one on the left because he has less
my sentimental material should go to the guy on the right because
he's that way.

And my children who are puppets
should burn with me.


For You I Will Make Myself Useful

My word, you rats are lonely
you who run through my mind.
You are stinking, so I am stinking!

Song of discomfort! My thing!
You who may be there; what could I give you?
Words well done? Idiocy prevents me.

Hows this: Ish Klein loves you x (genuine signature and date)
and can lend a limited amount of money to you; in your time of need.
If that is what you want.
Or I will make physical contact.

How far will we go? You tell me.
Wait! I should arrange these things, these words, or whatever.
Polish the brass.

The sun is like an omen.
The moon, a variable drip.
My heart is like a tire fire.
You who read this are like a beautiful drug.

And I LOVE drugs
It's the year of the drug or dog.
That's my year!
My hand is now a puppet calling out to you.

What else do I have for you?
I can tell you where I found money once.
At this place I also found a pack of cigarettes.
Outside the Central Library. Left facing South. Apparently enchanted.

Okay, enjoy this flat mechanism which is maybe in your hand.
Save it until you find a use for it.
Love, Love, Love,
Ish Klein.