from sky journal - from sky

traipsing a round
brush ing
circumnavigation notes
process to process
my perhaps glaring lessons-in-waiting

pet the cheap brochures & re-read the adverts
every summer riding near
never stopped at the mystery spot
though it was clear on the map
all roads tangled around the big purple question
mark my kid heart


two dream letters


staring, my maldives calendar speaks shoals of mysterious islands of an enigmatic sea
enough to whet any shriveled spirit. to sail/trail.

after train through wetlands, water bl-ack with mud, stunted foliage florescent green. huge sky of various hued cumulus & below the solitary track raised enough to see three feet into deeper water either side - & there decrepit foundations phanstasmal, wooden trusses like sunken ship decks vertical. murk. train was mute, nothing but subtle air in the ear.


exotic siren creeps slow through our midnight trees with the rain-abandoned wind. i'd walk across a continent if i had that time to demonstrate that notion of persistence. the stomach is only so large at once. our symmetry is most miraculous, how we can have one foot in, one foot out of shadow or light or near. that i can be at once here and there. so much so that both are equally surreal. the arm outstretched, the sidelong gaze. in the last dream i picked at the arm's vein until it gushed and the blood left struggling in my ears sounded like tonight's leaves. a hundred essential aromas in one inhalation. my knees finally relieved. i've fallen in love with this process. final will surrenders in anticipation of the next. lately my mouth wants to give and take, tidal.