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noelle b./ Poem

chrome bones

by noelle b. C.1996

this is the chrome bones.
the motorcycle ends and i begin.
this is my motorcycle. this is my body.
i am finding that place where they are indistinguishable.
this is the body. this is the motorcycle.

my voice, my thrumming, my rapping singing engine bang,
thrilling fast fuck my chrome bones.
i end and my motorcycle begins.

the skin, the leather...
this is my leather skin grafted... my bolted teeth: tongue framed by jaws
of kevlar. helmet thinking, hands not thinking. grips, fingers, levers,
arms. the cables. the tendons. acting, in action. moving, in motion.

gasoline is my blood, my blood in the carburator.
set the idle faster, faster!

this is my motorcycle it is my body: this is the steel frame i wield,
the polished, bright engine.
i kiss the economy of engineering, the fast fuck with long drawn out climax...
the leather skin, liquid cooled.
my chrome bones, shaft-driven.

the freeway is the woman i want, the layers of womanflesh,
a flesh female mounting steel female mounting concrete slab female.
we know how to give (accelerate). we know how to receive (brake).
our tires were born sticky.

yell lust through tail-pipes. converse with wind. jet-stream, the
slickness inside... my motorcycle ends and i am fast enough, at last enough
fire & blood: combustion.

riding, sweating, thrusting, leaning. i steer myself into tight tense
corners, leaking oil from soft lips as i begin to blur the lines between
what i want and what i am.

this is my motor cycle is my body.