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Jill S. Rapaport

Jill S. Rapaport is a poet, essayist, and playwright. Her work has appeared in Resister, Lungfull!, the St. Marks Poetry Project Newsletter, National Poetry Magazine of the Lower East Side, City of DIS, Pink Pages, Long Shot, IKON, Red Tape, Beet, Rant, Sensitive Skin, Appearances, New Observations: The City as Mnemonic Device and others. Her work is also represented in The Unbearables anthology (Autonomedia). She is the author of the illustrated chapbook Bag o' Ridgies, Can o' Colt '45 an' Thou, various broadsides, The Wizard (a tract on the subject of do-it-yourself psychotherapy) and Abattoir en Rose (a political essay). She has also read at various venues in New York City, Albany, NY, Chicago, Easton, PA, and Washington, D.C. Her plays have been read and performed at LaMama Theater and at several venues in and around New York City. Jill can be heard on the Spoken Word CD "Nuyorican Symphony," (Knitting Factory Works), and was a guest on the "Word Is the Bird" show on WFMU radio. Her work was displayed at the WAC Reading Room, Art in the Anchorage, Summer 1992. She was a participant in the 1996 St. Mark's Poetry Project Symposium, and in the 25th Anniversary St. Mark's Poetry Project Symposium in 1991; recipient in 1990 of a fellowship for writing from the New York Foundation for the Arts, and was a panelist in a lecture series on the European Ecology Movement and "The Electronic Disturbance," at CUNY Graduate Center Cultural Studies Department, NY, NY, 1996. Jill's currently at work on a collection of prose, and occasionally leads a small and obscure, cabalistic discussion group exploring the creative process. She is also the editor of a newsletter which goes under various aliases and has sometimes been available at St. Marks Books and Tower Books in New York City.