"either you are body conscious and a slave
                                              of circumstance, or you are universal consciousness
                                              itself and in full control of every event"

Dear mind,
               mind flora mind fauna, sprawl
                              as you may this June
Where P. Whalen is
                disguised here as


                           on my foot!      He neighs
and gallops off onto the foot of Taos Mt.

                               sun warming early cool,                creek
                               shuffs by,              no shuffles, by yes           shuffles --

There goes the reflection of shuffling water pooled in a lawn chair
rippling on the banister, me coasting on the duck
I mean deck --
"feeling ducky"

                              New Mexico gives me a feeling inside,
of canyony pinyon piney vast bird breaths SCREECHING beautifully by

                                           ducks & elephants trodding by in my abdomen.

      Control is vandalized in the belly by a herd of elephants
                                                       a hunger gurgle? A stampede of missing?


               What colossal, lumbering elephant thick
nerves we have for breakfast today,
                                                           raking over the New Mexican plain --

                                                                      abdomen as savanna

                                         see what thoughts do, they

                            FAN THE GUT,

                                                                              rake the plain.

          Saw antelope off 64 west do the same --

                         yet at this time
                                     Crickets start their early clicking in the tall morning
grass,                     between pinyons
               breakfast is served in the EAR, AIR, OUR bird
has 2% wing fat to go
with the 2% milk in the fridge,
                                             low fat milky bird.


I'm in full control of this noodle -- Nobody move!

My seeing is its command,

                                               Cottonwood tufts drift by like so,
                                               snowing from nowhere
                                               into my hair, snowing
                                               heavily now, now heavenly
                                               against the bright blue June
                                               sky, where I act just like snow
                                               flakes, a control freak? An un-
                                               attached ecstatic one, none
                                               the less, melting in the sounds
wind chime,
                           stuck flies,
                                                            spent wingzzzz exhausted

              at the window like our thinking --

I'll sit silent
ly then,
and listen

               to the sun          yawn