1-2: Two handmade monstors.

3-4: Two little media monstors of my own.

5-7: Local artists Marisa Hernandez, Barry McGee, and Scott Hewicker

8-10: Three takes on the teenage (or almost teenage) girl.

Author's Statement
About ten years ago I tried to stop composing my paintings, leaving out all background elements, and using an exposed paper ground. These images attempted to address ideas about specific public figures -- rock stars, actors in character, missing kids off milk cartons, as well as the occasional genres: horror, comedy, romance. They're grafted together from various scavenged sources, and act as kind of twisted makeovers. Both formally and in content and affect they refer to personality posters, pinup pages, and fashion stills, among other things.

          "I'd be in bad shape if I expected to find happiness on a white seamless..."
                                                                  - Cindy Crawford

Recently, however, I've also begun painting local acquaintances, mostly over working artists. I was interested in using people I knew, but (usually) not very well. As I became able to take my own source photos, which offer a broader range of detail and visual information, those pieces have expanded to life size, sometimes larger.