Joel E. Chace

<polydicks poke her producks>

you draw then

you play then you throw
your card away

when Butcher Bob's
the other

barber in town
better look up

Randy let him
hack away


pundick says he
needs democrats

and republicans bout
as much as

he needs
two cocks


o carp carp


seen Dalton Frye the other day
just hit

forty-five and by god he's
finished went to court

got full-load
compensation neck-nerve pinched

back-disc ground
down hands all numbed

tells me twenty-seven years

standin in cock-shrinkin
cold cuttin and

slingin beef
and pork


a few
multi-pointed deer heads

then the one
rabbit's head with

antlers then the turkey's
ass with

you guessed it
and pundick always

points to the regulars
says someday

he'll put antlers on
those horses' butts

call it fart


next town over at
the university

they're diggin up
that giant

sundial puttin in one
that's digital


I'm sex heightened
halibut stew


the other day my kid's
walkin round with his hand

down front his diaper
so I ask him what

he's doin he
says not

much just takin
my wanger for a walk

any out-of-state plate
sticks their head

in here askin where
can so-and-so be found

just tell em
straight down a block

to the square park
get out yell

the name you want
then listen like

hell for the first
window shoots up


throw your
card away

Randy's havin his usual
luck so

he gets up to whizz
and of course forgets

to shut the door
and once again pundick

observes well finally
Randy knows what he has

in his hand and what
he ought to do with it


hey here's one boys
Post Office delivers

a card eighty-fuckin-three
years late got a one

cent stamp on it
date March 6 1911

Salt Lake City

claimed by a Mrs. Halsey
third cousin of deceased

addressee but
the best part's this

the photo's a big hotel
out there hangin

above the water and
the message is

the entire resort is built
over the lake not

on the shore lovingly
         sheee-it can you

imagine waitin
eighty-three years

durin which you goddamn
die then

hearin from your grave
that   piece'a news


then you
throw your


she left me gents
with two

kids two halves
of heart

two butt-cheeks


we wring our

we tear
our hands out


then you


Randy votes for

sex sure just rubber-

but swap
no spit


all right fellas better
set your

cocks and simonize
your watches




you guys mind
if I fart


sex heightened


hell I'm
kinda thankful for

deer ticks durin
the season Vicki'n

me strip each night
then hunt all

the secret flesh
we can in case

ya know the little
buggers burrow too deep


finished up

over at the ag school
told him

to frame and hang that diploma
on his hoe handle

n'lisn to it rattle
while he's diggin up the weeds


halves of hearts


yeah Pop
just signed divorce

papers official
asked him jesus why

he walked out after forty
nine years'n

Pop says son there's only
so much a man can take




pundick says history's

people broken things


first you


it's people you know and they
all have this glow about em

Dalton Frye it was eases up
one day invites hisself

over gets there takes a beer
sets up this little easel says

now let's draw
some circles big ones small over-

lappin til I get pretty damn
lost and pretty damn drawed in drawed

all the way to this rally
up in Fairview couple'a thousand folk

jammed into their Masons' Hall and
there was rapture in the rafters

alleluias in the airshafts well
big draw's this guy who occupies

the biggest fuckin circle of em all
he's done up in chinos rayon pretty

hefty gut but testifies he's come
up from nollhin from bout the tiniest ever

circle and that God told him early on
to get good and to get rich

now I'll for certain testify he'd
gotten good the way he got that crowd

good and worked up hell one side
ta other'a that hall they're screamin


BOUT YOU round the fiftieth time back
and forth with that I'm gettin awful

foggy cuz it's soundin like they're shoutin

So I kinda slip away out back the hall
set down by a big ole dumpster and try

to sort things out but it's mighty steamy
and I'm hearin HALIBUT STEW and picturin

mr. chino-rayon's moon-face and fore I
know it I'm rememberin sittin

in a theater once and watchin Fatty
Arbuckle up there on the screen

he's a chef in some shit-hole restaurant
and he's holdin a tree-size meat cleaver

and lookin at an almost whale on a carvin board
he brings that cleaver back and takes

a swipe only it turns out the fish
ain't dead flops right off onto

the floor Fatty though he's feisty dives
right down there too and starts to

flail away so the fish is floppin circles
and Fatty rolls his saucer eyes throws down

his weapon grabs with his bare
hands course the fish just keeps squirtin

away and finally shoots right out
the kitchen door so it's Fatty and the fish

grapplin and twistin in the goddamn dust
then there's one of those fadeouts

and all of us are sittin in
the dark laughin like crazy hell


kingdom of am

way of
all ways


I may be
laughin on the

outside but I'm really
laughin on the inside




pundick went down
to dinner at Randy's

trailer on the flats

Randy'n his boy
are starin at this big-ass

fish sizzlin'n starin
in the skillet

DIE EM the kid

sudden-says and I
say nothin YOU IDJIT

comes back Randy THAT