Boog Literature was started in Albany, New York in August of 1991. We began by publishing poetry chapbooks by local authors. Since then, we've published poetry chapbooks by Ed Sanders, Amiri Baraka and Lee Ann Brown, among others. In the fall of 1992, we published our first zine, ManAlive!, which was in print until 1994 and featured work from many writers, including Allen Ginsberg, Jim Carroll, Carla Harryman and Bernadette Mayer. During the summer of 1994, while studying poetics at the Naropa Institute, we published an instantzine, 1844 Pine Street, every Saturday for five weeks during the school's 20th anniversary summer. Drawing from the faculty and student body, among the contributors were Anselm Hollo, Anne Waldman and Jack Collom. In 1994, we also published instantzines documenting New York University's Beat Generation conference and the Insomniacathon in Louisville, Kentucky. The following year we started a new instantzine, JiffyBoog, which has documented the Annual New Year's reading at the Poetry Project at St. Marks Church and last summer's First Annual Boston Alternative Poetry Festival. Featured artists have included Wanda Phipps, Tuli Kupferberg, Lewis Warsh and Lisa Jarnot.
      In 1996, Booglit was started. My intention was to link writing communities from across the country, and we've had writers from Albany, Boston, Buffalo, Louisville and Philadelphia discussing the people, places and publications from their necks of the woods. The magazine has also begun to put out theme issues, with the last three publications focusing on women's writing, baseball and Allen Ginsberg. The work I've always enjoyed and sought to print usually rings true, detailing some aspect of the human experience. I usually shy away from work which requires too much digging to find out what the author is trying to say. Now that doesn't mean I'm looking for simplistic work, but words that play with language but don't try to hide behind it.
      If you're familiar with some of the authors I've mentioned above, then you have an idea of what we are looking for. To submit your work send no more than five poems of pages or poetry, along with a cover letter and an SASE to: Booglit, P.O. Box 20531 NY, NY 10011. Upcoming themes include the late Cleveland poet d.a. levy and chewing gum.

Thanks and Be Good,
David Kirschenbaum