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Talan Memmott / Fiction

  Charm School

by talan memmott

Angels are not enough for Charlotte - to Jack they don't mean jack, but he's nameless now anyway.

Charlotte was starved. Jack put her head in a bird cage and started calling her Veronica. Charlotte didn't mind, she didn't mind that it wasn't her will she was trusting. She couldn't tell the difference anyway. She could tell that the suffering was not her own.

Jack broke her down, slowly into Veronica - with serums and incense. He wanted her life spent in captivity. He locked her in her room and she didn't notice. Clarissa, meanwhile is jack-off ecstatic about Jack's namelessness...

Lesson 1

    the wallflower is the jackal
    "Where is she?"
    jackals rain Diana - not on C. deMedici...
    jack to jackals
    and my wish is Caligula's -
    that all these millions of (jackals)
    had one common body,
    so that...the nameless (Jack)
    might (have) them all.

    familiar jackal
    to the jackal
    hungry jackal
    thirsty jackal lady liberty
    the Veronica of Wanda
    Pere Fungi's jackal rained Diana,
    Jack to jack to jackal to the wallflower,
    -- a hand holds a nameless gun
    -- unaimed, unarmed
    Spill - special delivery.

Never take for granted that angels will be enough - jack gets first pick of the charms. It's Jack's right - more or less. It's Jack's right now.

Lesson 2

    and the jackass is looking up.
    jack pushes his hand against her,
    to the wallflower, the jackal angel
    down to jack-mistake.
    Continental- divine to muse, to tolerate this jack-ugliness,
    and folly's free.
    the facts jack
    .torture the witness .to Obvion .to nameless
    The dog-faced ape sat undecided

    It should be easy for perfect Charlotte
    The dog-faced ape sat undecided

    Abuse it
    and Charlotte beat jack-senseless
    The dog-faced ape was unconscious

The nameless told perfect Charlotte little lies about how he wanted her, what he liked. He made her do what bored him most. He laughed about it. Perfect Charlotte told jack-lies as well. She said that she was sent to Jack from outer space, in a UFO from the future. She said she knew what was going to happen and had seen Jack's grave. She danced on his grave and Jack was jackal-in love - jackal-terror.

For Charlotte the nameless were countless, and all disappointing - diffusing attraction through chance. Jack couldn't tell that Charlotte didn't know it wasn't her will she was trusting. She knew every inch of jack -- the poison blood of jack-jackal, Jack picking at the pocks of jac-power.


to the charm TRUST

I came to her as jack and as a weeping girl -
I needed her.
I came to her as jack and as her murderess -
I needed her.
I came to her as jack
and very young and poor
at her service sovran
to her high-born perfect dog face,
she'd forget my name

to the charm TRUST

I would commit to Charlotte
if she were not committed to
lark-orgies and divinity --
committed to high (cruel) fashion..
for time
to larks
in fear
the truth
below me
lark gristle
lots of it...

to the charm TRUST

She says there's no love "betwixt" us.

to the charm HOPE

you know the secrets
Technicians, Painters
passing passion
...diving jackal...
...into jackal...
marking every fence post
becomings-jackal death
...into jackal...

JAX : the rivalry -
jack is nameless and, now placeless; so, confused. nameless jack cannot imagine placeless jack - the placeless starves.

For Clarrisa and Charlotte the placeless is nameless - an anonymous love-stranger, a fat bird or lark. And, neither jack will do - they want Pere Fungi.

Charlotte focused on this jack or jackal-dog, held him for awhile and then he left with Clarissa - to have his palm read... He thought this out - to have it read face-up by the Wallflower. jack-unfeeling. And, in the morning Clarissa sent jack back to Charlotte, as Pere Fungi.

to the charm HOPE

OBVION to failure
humility in jacks-eye
dog or sheep
OBVION to pathological tenderness
poverty is patron
cash in hand - cash in hand
dimes for Diotima
lucky charms for Veronica-Charlotte!

The truth is jack-zombie - a restless groveling dog between the toes of Veronica. A dog faced ape in service to the Law, with Veronica as the blindfolded queen bee of Justice. Jack's bitten, but Veronica can't look so they turn off the lights. The jack-zombie is scared-straight -- Charlotte's voice, turning jack to jackal.


to the charm CONCERN


Lesson 3

    the wallflower is the jackal
    jack only asks for one night
    Clarissa wants it always
    her jackal-heart is rabid
    jack's dog again, or then -- adoring.
    attrition, tribulation - ridiculous jack-attraction
    Right here is jack the rivalry
    one dead one.
    the architect is dead, Veronica is silent.
    off to Charlotte, jack-jackal.

It is Jack's right to take the charm, to test it first upon himself, and then on Charlotte.

to the charm TRUST

I know the smell,
the breathy traps of Charlotte and Clarissa,
their wet-metal Veronica...
ginseng, oysters, chocolate, artichokes, pinot noir, wheatgrass - proofs of passion.
cash in hand - cash in hand


to the charm CONSENSUS

who's there?
do what you will - it's not my will I'm trusting.

The nameless, on jacks-suggestion, slipped the charm into Veronica's drink. In Jack's box there is a scallop shell, a piece of jade, a rabbit's foot, a rubber heart, a photgraph of Veronica, a lock of her hair, a toe nail -- things Veronica would never miss.

without a question

to the charm IGNORANCE

such folly
babbled more and more
nothing at all
take this -
as jack-tip.


to the charm JACKAL

folly is morbidity
the cow eyes are a fraud -

jack's commands are to the point -- he's egging Charlotte on... She wants to bite him, to eat his heart, she'll have nothing less. Jack was crushing her, with purpose in his grinding teeth.


to the charm JACKAL

free lark buzz
lazy bored -

The timer is set and jack wants to, needs to warn Charlotte he's about to explode.

monstrous sacrament

to the charm TRAGIC INSTANCE


Jack's jack restricts the body, as Pere Fungi - this body's publicity... jack will not scream -- he's putting the words in Charlotte's mouth to match her frivolous cow eyes.

monstrous sacrament


let me un-, no, no...
look at what she's wearing,
I want to lick it off --
she asked me to tell her again
I was melting cheese,
she was wearing Wanda's heels.



1999 T. Memmott
charm school